Episode 84 – “Catharine Takes The Reigns With Carly Findlay.”

By Damien Newbie Writers Podcast Comments Off on Episode 84 – “Catharine Takes The Reigns With Carly Findlay.”

Episode 84 of the Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Special Guest: Carly Findlay

Damien is sick this week, but that won’t stop the show!

I have a blog – www.carlyfindlay.blogspot.com

I write regularly for it, and do some freelance writing (was published on Daily Life last week). I am also a speaker – I recently spoke at a bloggers conference, and will speak at a youth week conference and guest lecture at Melbourne Uni.

Tell us about your blog – how many readers do you have?
What do you do to bring more readers to your blog?

Do you get speaking opportunities because of the blog? And how do you think that works?

For the blog conference, what did you say? What kinds of questions were asked?


An item that lives on your desk that you will never part with but if anyone else cleaned your desk it would be immediately trashed.
In my case it’s rocks that I picked up from various places. I’ve written about these rocks before.




noun: 1. A stimulus. 2. A snap made by pressing a fingertip against the thumb and suddenly releasing it.
verb tr.: 1. To stimulate or to incite to action. 2. To make a snap by a fingertip against the thumb.

Apparently of onomatopoeic origin. Earliest documented use: 1530.

“Intel splashed out $884 million … to give its efforts in the embedded-chip market a fillip.”
Space Invaders; The Economist (London, UK); Jan 7, 2012.

Explore “fillip” in the Visual Thesaurus.

Tortured sentences:

This from a flyer on a house for sale around the corner from me, listed at 895,000
Kitchen is beaurtifully remodeled to include gast stove and one of a kind

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