Episode 85 – “We’ve ‘Breeched’ The Walls!”

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 Episode 85

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We were meant to have someone from Agent Hunter on but they didn’t reply to our follow up emails to exchange skype details! So instead Catharine and I talk about a myriad of topics and Catharine cops it for a typo in her new book… lesson learnt: Don’t Damien to Beta Read!

Here’s a bit below about Agent Hunter:


Agent Hunter is a database of all UK literary agents, their agencies and publishers. The database is regularly updated, continually fact-checked, and as comprehensive as we can make it. You can sort the entries on our database to develop your own personal shortlist of agents.

Agent Hunter is the creation of The Writers’ Workshop, the UK’s largest editorial consultancy for new writers. The Writers’ Workshop has superb contacts with literary agents and is constantly helping its writers secure representation and book deals.

The Writers’ Workshop was created by Harry Bingham, a best-selling crime novelist. His work has sold in dozens of countries worldwide and is being adapted for TV. Harry knows how essential a good agent is to the success of his career.

 So what can a writer do about the phrase: does not accept unsolicited submissions.

Isn’t the point of getting the agent to talk to the publishers who won’t talk to you or about you unless you are represented?

Many writers are confused about this.


Why does Saturday feel different? If you work from home, you can spend the same kind of day on a Tuesday or a Thursday, but for some reason, that Saturday morning has a different vibe. Why? Write about it, try to deconstruct it. It will lead to either a great many fabulous memories of childhood or reveal memories you didn’t know you harbored.


Tortured Sentence:

The internet has become a new life for people they don’t have to do anything but have a computer at home and they have the world in their hand the only thing they have to do is good to the bathroom and make them a bit to eat.

Word of the Week

Brought to you by www.wordsmith.org and http://authorentrepreneurship.com/





adverb: In an indiscriminate manner.


Alteration of sweepstake, from sweep + stake, originally referring to the winner who takes all. Earliest documented use: 1599.


“I replied by falling swoopstake and cropneck* in love with them all, damn it, them all.”
Kathleen Tynan; Tynan Letters; Vintage; 2012.
* completely


Shout outs.


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