Episode 87 – “The Perfect Proposal With Brenda Knight”

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The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Episode 87

Special Guest: Brenda Knight, Associate Publisher

www.vivaeditions.com and Cleis Press

Viva Editions are books that inform, enlighten, and entertain. The very name, “Viva!”, is celebratory. And while Viva Editions is a line of books that are as fun as they are informational, the intention behind Viva is very serious—these are books that are truly helpful and intended to enhance people’s lives. Viva Editions was founded at a pivotal point in time, as the stock market plummeted, the economy softened, and businesses tightened and cut back. Viva focuses on expansion, courage, and joy in life. In short, Viva is about the very best in the human spirit.  As publishers, we need to be aware of the different economic environment we are publishing in—and respond to what people really need. Now is the time for fresh thinking and stripped-down self-help books that caused inspiration to spring into action.  These hard times can create community, and so we invite you into the Viva community. Bring your ideas, questions, suggestions—because we want to hear from you!

Viva books open hearts and minds. Viva authors are practical visionaries: people who offer deep wisdom in a hopeful and helpful manner. You can be frugal AND fabulous. You can be thankful for what you have. You can take risks and achieve your long-held dreams. Your relationships can be better than ever. And, you can simply have more fun. You can take a leap of faith and change your life, knowing it is never too late for positive action.

Click here to download the Perfect Proposal document that Brenda kindly let us host and share for all of you! The Perfect Proposal


Some of the books from Viva
Contagious Optimism
Uplifting Stories and Motivational Advice for Positive Forward Thinking

Help! My Toddler Came Without Instructions
Practical Tips for Parenting a Happy One, Two, Three and Four Year Old
Blythe Lipman

Crafting Calm
Projects and Practices for Creativity and Contemplation
Maggie Oman Shannon

One and Only
The Untold Story of On the Road
Anne Marie Santos
Gerald Nicosia

Tell us about the role of smaller presses.

What got you into the business?

What do you love best?

What do small presses do that larger, traditional houses can’t?

You handed around a great proposal for anyone attending the Pitch O Rama to copy and I have a copy, which was enormously helpful. What should a Newbie Writer know before pitching their book?

What are the trends in publishing?

Word of the Week


I’m rhizophagous: I feed on roots, the roots of words. A root or two every few hours keep me satiated. Some roots are dense — they have sprouted dozens of offsprings, while others have a small family.
With a knowledge of roots, you can often figure out words you’ve never seen before. In the same manner, you can use combining forms to coin words. This week we’ll see five words made with combining forms. The combining forms we’ll use are:
rhizo-, zym-, logo-, pluto-, oto-, rhino-, laryngo-, and
-phagous, -urgy, -mania, -latry, -logy.
What are combining forms? You can think of them as Lego (from Danish, leg: play + godt: well) bricks of language. As the term indicates, a combining form is a linguistic atom that occurs only in combination with some other form which could be a word, another combining form, or an affix. Unlike a combining form, an affix can’t be attached to another affix.



adjective: Feeding on roots.

From Greek rhizo- (root) + -phagous (feeding on). Earliest documented use: 1832.

“Let us pause briefly in Alsace, a good observatory and outpost in this rhizophagous European realm. … the Alsatians had very specific ways of using and preparing the tuber.”
Madeleine Ferrières; Sacred Cow, Mad Cow: A History of Food Fears; Columbia University Press; 2006.

Tortured Sentences:

Another Flyer for a home sale, this one was pulled just from the MLS listing and crammed into a flyer box. When filling out the listing form: the agent just, basically makes statements or one word responses. Here are a couple:
Site Description – Tree Cedar, Level, Tree Oak, Tree Pine, Trees Many
Air – Window


What do you do to goof off?

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