Episode 88 – “Driving The Live Hacking With Nick Thacker!”

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The Newbie Writers Podcast

Special Guest:  Nick Thacker


Nick is the owner of Live Hacked and author of Welcome Home: The Author’s Guide to Building A Marketing Home Base.

Is about to release a new book:

Available July 1st. http://www.livehacked.com/the-golden-crystal/ Freebie Giveaway too!!
On living and writing well.


Can you illuminate some of these ideas recently posted in your blog


  • How to develop/cultivate an overall vision/mission for your writing career

  • How to think in terms of a marketing expert, not a writer

  • How to build a platform to generate leads/follow-up sales

  • How to develop a marketing strategy and break it out into constituent tactics

  • How to write a marketing plan that will carry you through the ups and downs and trends of the publishing world

‘You list the ten best books for the self published writer


What are your favorites? And/or what is the best advice from those books for a Newbie writer?

Tell us more about your other book:

Welcome Home: The Author’s Guide to Building A Marketing Home Base

How did the site Live Hacker come about?

And finally I was interested in the results of a recent survey you created:

People who blog:

  • No, and I don’t want to – 9%

  • No, but I’d like to start – 24%

  • Eh, sort of – 21%

  • Yes, I blog consistently – 19%

  • Yes, I try to blog regularly – 14%

  • Yes, and it’s a business model for me – 13%

The rest of the information I’m still processing – I’ll use it to determine what to blog about next!

Ok, the moment you’ve really been waiting for:

Here are my two favorite responses (not really):

  1. Have you EVER completed anything you have started? What ever happened with your “”Writers Guide to Writing Fiction,”” project? You got half way through, often using other peoples work, then dropped the ball at Day 11 of a promised 20 days.”

  2. My only complaint was you wrote if we had questions or needed help on the subject you were writing on, to send you an email.  I did and never heard back.  That to me was like, ‘don’t tell me gonna call if you’re not.’”

So, here we go:

To the first guy, um, no.

I’ve never finished anything.


Oh, well, you caught me – that’s not entirely true: Let’s see, off the top of my head, have you been to my Amazon author page (I’m not linking it because it’s easy enough to figure out)? What about the product(s) I’ve created, collated, edited, refined, released, and continue to update here on the blog? OR what about this blog itself? How about that?

Anyway, that course you’re talking about? There was an issue with MailChimp about halfway through, so there’s a good chance your name/email didn’t get imported back in. If you’d sent me an email about it, we could have gotten it sorted out right away. Bummer.

To the second:

Try me. Seriously, send me an email. Maybe use a different account, so mine doesn’t get marked as spam, or don’t try to sound like spam when you send it to me!

Honestly, I meant it when I said “I’ll respond.” I do. Every time. The exceptions (naturally) are spam, spam-like (way off-topic irrelevant drivel), and stuff that gets into my spam box (which is automatically deleted). For the latter, my bad again. Try it from a different email address.

What else did you discover during that survey?



Word of the week

from Wordsmith.org





verb intr.: To be vague or ambiguous, especially in order to mislead.


From Latin aequi-/equi- (equal) + vocare (to call), from vox (voice). Earliest documented use: 1590.


“The bishop equivocates and wrings his fat hands and procrastinates.”
Susan Wiggs; At the Queen’s Summons; Harlequin; 2012.

Tortured Sentences:

Dear Sir or Madam:

Do you wanna improve your Projector Lamp supply?

I am Helen Peng, from Leader Electronics, 10 years of manufacturing/wholesale for projector lamps. Do you buy project lamp from China?

I studied your website and knew you are specializing in projector lamps. We can provide supply for you. Below is our best seller in USA Market.



 What do you walk by every day and not notice? Got you, if you noticed, you’d tell me. Look around for the average, the unremarkable. Now focus on it and write a few lines, a poem or a comment.

Some every day items:



Postcards (read the back – was it sent or did you collect it and never sent it because it was too good to mail?)


Shout outs:

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