Episode 89 – “Slaves, Vampires And The Naughty Chair”

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The Newbie Writers Podcast

Special Guest: Amber Hartman


Special thanks to Lyle from Rainstorm Press for organising a guest at such short notice!


Slave To A Vampire:

Small town girl, Anya, leaves her home in hopes of finding love and adventure after a life filled with lies and masquerades. Waiting to embark on her adventure, she finds herself alone in a park with a bush calling her name. Curiosity killed the cat, as they say, and Anya gets kidnapped and traded to a mysterious man with a secret. Dacio, a charming but dangerous vampire, suddenly finds himself the new owner of the irresistible girl but soon faces a dilemma: should he allow himself to love the feisty young woman, or forcibly keep her at arm s length for her own good? With a whirlwind of broken bones, tears and quick witted humor, the two realize their magnetic but hazardous love cannot be ignored, and with the past behind them they try to fight what they are in hopes of what they can become. With danger awaiting them around every corner, will they answer life s biggest question: Can love truly conquer all, or are they doomed to end in tragedy? With Anya, a slave to a vampire, and Dacio, a slave to his own love, who shall emerge unscathed?

Amber Hartman is an avid reader who enjoys romance, mystery and horror novels. She currently lives in texas with her husband and daughter. She loves to write and you will usually find her scribbling down notes on a note pad while playing with her toddler.


What was your favorite toy? Describe the toy from your remembered perspective, not from what you know now. What do you remember about it? How did you play with it? And finally, where is that favorite toy now?


Word of the Week





verb tr.: To attribute, ascribe, or credit, often unfairly.


From Old French imputer, from Latin imputare, from in- (in) + putare (to assess, reckon). Ultimately from the Indo-European root pau- (to cut, stroke, or stamp), which is also the source of amputate, compute, dispute, count, pavidpuerile, and catchpole. Earliest documented use: 1480.


“‘There’s a tendency to impute much greater skill on the part of somebody like Jamie Dimon, who is very smooth,’ Bill Miller says.”
Hugh Son; Bank of America Chief’s Tumbles Turn Into Strides; The Washington Post; Mar 10, 2013.


Tortured Sentences

TV has made people want to go out and pick up items that they can’t afford. Like cars, and clothes people are not even paying their rent because they have to have the latest trend that a person see’s on TV.

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