Episode 90 – “Nudie Writers And Stolen WiFi With Jen Sosniak And Dionne Lister”

By Damien Newbie Writers Podcast Comments Off on Episode 90 – “Nudie Writers And Stolen WiFi With Jen Sosniak And Dionne Lister”

The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Special Guest: Jen Sosniak

Co-host: Dionne Lister




Dionne Lister:






A Time of Darkness is the second book in the best-selling Circle of Talia series. This exciting epic fantasy is filled with magic, dragons and adventure.


While Bronwyn languishes in a cell in the bowels of Vellonia and the dragon king argues for her death, the gormons are one step closer to destroying Talia. To add to The Circle’s problems, Leon’s plans to overthrow his brother, King Edmund, are moving ahead faster than anyone could have imagined, and someone will die as a result. The realmists and dragons are doing all they can, but how could it possibly be enough when thousands have already been slaughtered?


The prophesized time of darkness, a time the realmists have dreaded for the last thousand years, has begun.



About Jen!



I’m a wife, mother of two, former middle school teacher and veteran of the US Air Force.  I’m currently working as an investigator for Child Protective Services. I hate what the some of the children in our community go through, but I’m so grateful I get to work with them and help in some way. One of the worst things in the world is innocence lost. Love and care for the children.

My wonderful husband is supporting me as I pursue my life-long dream – to write!  The characters of my first novel have been screaming at me for years.  It’s high time I let them have their say. My first novel is currently being edited and I am super excited. It’s a YA paranormal fantasy that has been flitting around in my brain for quite some time. What started as a hobby became an entire novel. I did it. I wrote a book!

I hope to reach the hearts of many with blogs about writing, the joys of being a soccer mom, my experiences as a veteran, my love of nature and much more.  Surrounding myself with positivity is paramount.  I will never write a negative blog.  Humor, reflection, problem solving, and faith are much nicer ways to deal with the hunks of poo that life often throws my way.




What was your favorite road trip? What does the perfect road trip look like? Is it in a car – the Classic American road trip? Is it by train? If you’ve never driven across miles of barren desert, what do you think that’s like?


Word of the Week







noun: The greedy pursuit of riches.



Via Latin and Greek, from Aramaic mamona (riches). Mammon was personified as a false god in the New Testament. Earliest documented use: 1843.



“The IOC is just another rapacious, money-making corporation like any other but it conceals all this behind the smokescreen of ‘Olympian’ values and sporting heroism. It’s worse than any investment bank for mammonism and is seemingly oblivious to the supreme irony of the world’s foremost sporting spectacle being sponsored by McDonald’s and Coke.”
Heroic Ideals; Euroweek (London, UK); Jul 27, 2012.


Tortured Sentences:

The media has shaped American culture and its value from the time the radio. Radio stations used to have like thirty stations back a long time ago they used to play all the western songs before my time.

Shout Outs

Jen: @dreamsofwriting

Dionne: @DionneLister

Damien: @newbiewriters

@inkmuse is Rebecca Hamilton – http://beccahamiltonbooks.com  & Immortal Ink Publishing @thesmboyce http://TheGrimoireBooks.com



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