Episode 91 – “Catharine’s Back And Damien’s Writing! What The?”

By Damien Newbie Writers Podcast Comments Off on Episode 91 – “Catharine’s Back And Damien’s Writing! What The?”

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How to be creative on the road.

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When you are traveling with family, or friends or solo with one parent, you need to be creative between the cracks.

The two journals I used on this trip:
Cavallilni Papers & Co. Inc.
Bound Custom Journal

I liked the size of the Bound Journal for carrying around in a small purse. But I liked the larger size of the Cavallilni because I could easily collage on the pages as well as write. A two week trip filled these two small journals.

I tried a number of on line trip journals but found that just using a page of my scrivener journal worked just fine.

I like to be snarky and complain in the journal rather than out loud.

Journals are there to capture the moment, so describe the sunrise, the grim wall of the locks (68 locks, are there anything more boring? No)
Bitch about your traveling compainions in the journal not out loud.
Describe the worst meal and the best meal
Take photos of the meal.
I had a terrible meal in Cologne in Sept. and then as I saw that same salad served in a buffet line in Budapest market, I thought oh my god, this is typical german choice. How gross.

Writing can place you there, almost as well as a photo, sometimes better.

How can you write when traveling with companions? Read the blog next week.

Word of the Week

(PEN-ee AN-tee)

adjective: Trivial.
noun: A transaction involving very small sums.

In poker, penny ante is a game in which the bet is one cent (or other small amount). The term is coined from penny (the smallest denomination of currency) + ante (stake, share, cost), from the stake put up by a player in poker before receiving one’s cards, from Latin ante- (before). Earliest documented use: 1855.

“By Bernie Madoff standards, Conrad Black’s crimes are not just on the small side. They’re penny-ante.”
Bryan Burrough; The Convictions Of Conrad Black; Vanity Fair (New York); Oct 2011.

Tortured Sentences
A documentary similar themed a daughter discusses her stress and you can even see her crying on camera because she was sold by her mother for financial gain who is only 14 years old.

Shout Outs

Cavallilni Papers & Co. Inc.
Bound Custom Journal

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