Episode 92 – “Publishing, Book Launches And Weight Lifting With Patricia Davis”

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Special Guest: Patricia Davis.




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A little something about Patricia


It’s been my experience that although not the only way to learn, making mistakes is very often our best way to learn. Because I worked for Scholastic Inc many years ago as their field rep, I had an unfair advantage over my fellow writers in what to do and what not to do. Nonetheless, I made several major mistakes despite that.. The other thing we have to recognize is that this industry is in a huge state of flux. Huge. Hard to write a business plan when things change weekly. Writing has become a true labor of love, and if people know that going in, they will be much happier and can make more informed decisions, don’t you think?


Patricia V. Davis
Author/ Founder,The Women’s PowerStrategy™ Conference

Comment from a redwood writers post


Tell us about your experience as an author and then your experience as a publisher.


Do you look at writing and authorship differently now?


What do you look for to publish? What is your niche?


Word of the week






1. Something light, thin, or insubstantial.
2. A soft sheer gauzy fabric, used for veils, etc.
3. A fine, filmy cobweb or its thread seen floating in the air in calm weather.

Thin, light, or delicate.



From goose + summer. The term is believed to have originated as a name for late autumn when geese are in season and then transferred to cobwebs seen around that time of the year. Earliest documented use: 1325.



“Indeed one dare not breathe near them for fear of breaking the gossamer visions, causing movement to disrupt our focus.”
Joan Stanley-Baker; Ephemeral Feminine Fibers of Chen Shu-yen; Taipei Times (Taiwan); Jul 11, 2004.




VS Pritchett said that the really great artists “never stop working. They never lose a minute. It is very depressing.” What do you think? Can you be a part time artist? Or are you only happy when you are all in?

Write about that experience.


Tortured Sentences


A documentary similar themed a daughter discusses her stress and you can even see her crying on camera because she was sold by her mother for financial gain who is only 14 years old.


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