Tips for Pre-Published Authors – Get Serious

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Women's Power StrategyIn Episode 92 of Newbie Writers Podcast, we interviewed the gracious Patricia V Davis.  And if you didn’t get a chance to listen to the podcast, here are a few short pieces of advice from Patricia:

  • If you want 100 people to show up to an event: send out 1,000 invitations.
  • Even if  you are a fabulous writer it won’t help if you don’t market the book.
  • Hire two editors:A content editor and a copy editor. Even if you are sending to an agent or a larger house.

(The content editor reviews the whole of the book and looks for inconsistencies, plot challenges, character flaws. The Beta readers for my book, Future Girls, were all content editors giving me information on the larger structure, and problems, with the novel.   The copy editor is the brilliant person who catches all the typos, spelling and grammar mistakes, the copy editor is the final person to review a novel before it launches into the world.)

  • You want the book as close to ready to publish as it can be, before it even is sent to an editor.
  • Writing is a job –  you can’t say “I’m not in the mood to write”  you have to get to done.
  • You must write consistently and create goals either based on time writing or word count.
  • If you want to be a writer, you must show up and make it your job.

Patricia is author of the Diva Doctrine and Harlot’s Sauce  and founder of the Women’s Power Strategy Conference.

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