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Hey Newbies,

Having joined a number of writing communities on Google Plus and finding that they end up being driven by rules and high expectations, I decided to create our own Newbie Community. After all, we are the “rough draft” so let’s keep it light hearted. You don’t want to end up bogged down by ‘having’ to post something. Anyone can join and I encourage you all to pass on invites to others as well. I’d like to see our community evolve to include the following:


  • Posts that include tips and tricks for writing.
  • Need help with something? Post an excerpt, we may be able to help!
  • Links to articles found on the web.
  • Links/Reshares of other Google Plus posts that pertain to literature and writing.
  • Promote your work! We newbies always need outlets to promote a new book coming out, so post up the cover art and where to buy it.
  • Links to your blog and recent posts.
  • Share with us your favourite podcasts and videocasts. I’m always up for checking out new content.
  • Suggestions for our own podcast, if you think of something you’d like us to explore further on the show, post it up! We could have the weekly Google Plus question as a segment.
  • Find a dusty piece of work hidden in a folder? Post it up for a laugh! (Remember Bring Out Your Dead on our show?)
  • Humour… come on, post up some Grumpy Cat memes.

So that’s just some of my ideas for the Google Plus community. What would you like to see? Google is free to sign up and unlike Facebook there are no incessant games or adverts. Don’t be put off by another social media avenue!

Here’s the link to the community:

Come say hi!


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