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I received a notice that this marvelous app –  Notability – is better, stronger,

Ferry to Canada

Reading on the Ferry to Victoria, Canada

replete with features and it will absolutely transform how I work.

I did not buy it:

  1. I did not want have the time to learn how to manage another app that will save me time.
  2. What WILL  transform my work, what will transform how I work is three assistants in their twenties to manage the barrage of information that hourly avalanches over me and even now remains in heaps around the desk making it difficult to get up for more coffee.

What I need is a way to absorb information that is faster than reading.

As it stands, I read all the time: I read when I eat, I read when I exercise, I read in the car. I read on my phone, I read on the computer.  I read while waiting for other humans to arrive and force me to stop reading.  I spend a great deal of my day attempting to absorb as many words as I can at a pace that was not possible or necessary twenty years ago.

I’m old enough to miss the days of reading a magazine slowly to make it last.

Is everyone reading without me?  Are they reading the one cool/transformative piece that will CHANGE MY LIFE?  Is this the same as  Facebook’s fear of missing out?

I’m a fan of executive summaries and Spark notes.  But often I still want to do the job myself and gain the illusion that I managed an article or book all by myself.

So I skim.

I read the first sentence in a paragraph and the last sentence in the paragraph.  It worked for for War and Peace, and I’m now relatively certain the Russians and British beat the French, and Napoleon was short.

When I’m really desperate, I read the final paragraph of the article or the final page of the novel.  (Works in an article, terrible idea for a book – I read the final page, don’t get it, read the second to the last page, still don’t understand, finally give up and start from the beginning.)

I haven’t explored this, but there must be cheat codes for popular book club novels.  I could read those, create an ill informed opinion, and sail off to the meeting prepared to drink wine and argue.

Or I could set aside an hour a day to just work through the three or four lonely books stacked by my bedside.  It would be good for me and good for the books.

Quiet time – the new killer app.

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