Episode 97 – “Cracking The Whip On Social Media”

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Special Guest: Frances Caballo

Social Media Just for Writers




Frances Caballo is a social media marketer and trainer with more than 23 years of communications experience. She helps writers attain their social media marketing, communications, and public relations goals. Frances specializes in social media training for beginners, intermediate and advanced users, manages social media accounts for clients, and trains advanced users on how to succeed in social media marketing. Presently, she is the Social Media Editor for the Women’s National Book Association-San Francisco Chapter and Redwood Writers, the largest branch of the California Writers Club.


Frances Caballo Facebook

I will show you how to create and sustain your social media marketing platform. The book covers the five big social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest) writers need to use, includes information on 108 applications, and even offers great tips for offline promotion.

Blogging Just for Writers

Are you new to blogging? Would you like to attract more people to your posts? This eBook provides information on blogging basics, blogging communities, best practices, and applications to make your blogging seem effortless. Blogging Just for Writers is just $2.99 on Kindle.

10 Keys for Writing Books That Can Change the World

From her blog on http://socialmediajustforwriters.com/

Technology is forcing writers to reinvent themselves. They need a new model for writing books that will make a difference. The goal of “The Ten Keys for Writing Books That Can Change the World” is to provide the model.

Passion—your love for creating and communicating about your work. Using your passion to serve others is the ultimate key to success and happiness.

Purpose—personal, literary, publishing, and community goals that inspire you to achieve them

Products—fidelity to the holy trinity of content: reading, writing, and sharing

People—crowdsourcing your success with win-win relationships with engaged, committed, growing communities of people and collaborators you serve who want to help you, because they know, like, and trust you

Platform—your continuing visibility with your communities and potential buyers, online and off, on your subject or the kind of book you write

Pre-promotion—test-marketing your work in as many ways as you can. People, platform,  and pre-promotion are the holy trinity of communication.

Promotion—serving your communities by communicating the value of your work


  • having a positive perspective about writing, publishing, and your field
  • reinventing yourself as a contentpreneur running a business that creates and re-purposes a steady stream of scalable content in as many ways as possible
  • using creativity and technology to help you
  • being a life-long learner

People, Planet, and Profit—making the effects of your efforts on the holy trinity of sustainability the criteria for determining what you do

Perseverance—which requires courage, a plan, patience, discipline, faith in yourself, learning from your mistakes, simplifying your life, a long-term perspective, the commitment to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals, and celebrating your victories.

These keys balance yin and yang—creating content and communicating about it. Integrating them will create a literary ecosystem that will flourish as long as you sustain it with service. You can adapt the keys to other endeavors and your personal life.


Word of the Week





noun: An ugly, repulsive, or terrifying woman.


After Gorgon, any of the three monstrous sisters Stheno, Euryale, and Medusa in Greek mythology, who had snakes for hair. They turned into stone anyone who looked into their eyes. From Greek gorgos (dreadful). Earliest documented use: 1398.


“Without warning, she fell to the floor in labor pains, screaming like a gorgon.”
Douglas Coupland; Miss Wyoming; Random House; 2000.

From http://www.wordsmith.org


I’m contacting you on behalf of at800, the organisation responsible for ensuring viewers can still watch Freeview TV when new 4G at 800 MHz mobile signals are rolled out across the country.

As you’re both writers and cover social media in some detail, I thought you might be interested in the at800 postbox for Tweets which launched yesterday. We’re asking people to Tweet messages using the hashtag #at800postbox which we’ll print on a postcard and mail to their loved ones.

See if you too can write a spam style email paragraph about anything you have in front of you!


Tortured sentence

The internet has come up with a new service today now people can see their self. People can view the world by only a site called google map. Censorship use to be someone said some offensives.



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