Episode 98 – “Handcuffed And Dreamy With Robbi Bryant”

By Damien Newbie Writers Podcast Comments Off on Episode 98 – “Handcuffed And Dreamy With Robbi Bryant”

 The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

 Special Guest: Robbi Sommers Bryant


President Redwood Writers, Branch of California Writers Club

Web Editor Of Redwood Writers Web Site

www.robbibryant.com,    www.thecriminalmind.us

Buy Dream on Amazon

Buy Beautiful Evil on Amazon


We are discussing traditional versus Self or boutique publishing because Robbie has experienced both with the same novel.


Tell us about The Criminal Mind


The Beautiful Evil is now published by Ruby Paradise Publications, did you publish it yourself first?


Tell us about your novella Dream, what is urban fantasy?


Word of the week:

 Great:  Is it bone-brilliant, droolworthy, ripsniptious, splendidious, or stark-staring marvelous?

From Better than Great by Arthur Plotnik.



What would you teach? How to spit? How to shop? How to negotiation for the best lemon in a foreign souk? What is your best skill and how would you set up a workshop to pass that skill along?


Tortured Sentence

Babies grow up being sat in front of a television to be entertained while the parent does whatever it is they do



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