Episode 99 – “The Horror of Technical Difficulties!”

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The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Special Guest: Lori Michelle

Lila s perfect Saturday night means falling asleep on the couch with a glass of wine and a good book. But even the perfect night could go bad when Lila starts longing to know what secrets her brain keeps locked away. Left with only distorted nightmares of her life before the accident, she numbly goes through life, hoping to find out just who she is. Amber, double-crossed by a lover, would much rather be slipping something in the wine than sipping it. While she gives great pleasure, loving Amber comes with great pain. Her body is a weapon and she knows how to use it. Detective Balducci, now removed from the Harvester Killer case, begins an off-the-record investigation that will not only test his skill as a seasoned yet loose cannon police officer, but stretch his emotions to the breaking point. As their lives crash together, past scandals and shocking truths surface as they find out just how close to the killer they have been all along.

From Lyle (Rainstorm Press):My son was just born about a week ago so I’ve been taking care of him and my wife so i won’t be able to make it for this one.

Big Congratulations to you and your wife Lyle!

Bleed Children’s Cancer Anthology

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Dual Harvest

Dark Moon Digest

Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing


At the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, I heard over and over how watching a performance was life changing. Live theater has that affect. Write about your first theater experience. How was it different? What did you think of the acting? Who did you go with? Was it life altering or just life enhancing?

Tortured Sentence

Let’s reflect on Rosa, a charming Hispanic woman, with five sisters and three brothers diagnosed with schizophrenia after a tragic divorce.

Word of the week

A.Word.A.Day from wordsmith.org

(PRO-tuh-zhay, pro-tuh-ZHAY)

noun: One who is protected, guided, and supported by somebody older and more experienced.

From French protégé, past participle of protéger (to protect), from Latin protegere, from pro- + tegere (cover). Ultimately from Indo-European root (s)teg- (to cover), which is the ancestor of other words such as tile, thatch, protect, detect, and toga. Earliest documented use: 1786.

“‘I’m proud of him,’ Big Tigger says of his protege.”
Chris Richards; Peter Rosenberg; The Washington Post; May 31, 2013.


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