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Bloomsbury Books in Ashland OR

Bloomsbury Books in Ashland OR


What kind of publishing path will work best for you?

Publishing is confusing and ever changing!  If you wonder what kind of publishing option will work the best for you – take this quick quiz and you’ll see exactly what path you need to take based on your own personality and your personal connections.

You have created a book!  It is:

  • A. The result of seven years of research and five more to create the final manuscript
  • B. A marvelous self-help books complete with illustrations
  • C. A family history that you want to give as gifts this holiday
  • D. A genre fiction book
  • E. The fourth one this year

2.  You love Social Media and work Twitter and Facebook daily

  • A. What?
  • B. I have a great group of friends but don’t tweet
  • C. I know that little blue bird means something, but I’ve never clicked on it
  • D. I have more than 1,000 followers
  • E. My Klout score is off the charts and I get free offers all the time

3.  You are independent and worry constantly about copy write issues and creative control

  • A. Sometimes
  • B. A little
  • C. Not at all
  • D. All the time
  • E. I only worry my Facebook account isn’t entirely secure and my ex can access my time line.

4. You relationship with bookstores is:

  • A. Obsessed: I pack a lunch when I visit Powells
  • B. True Love: I speak at small gatherings no matter what the size or venue
  • C. Love: I have shopped for books at truck stops and nature preserves
  • D. Neglect: I travel up and down the Amazon on a daily basis
  • E. Absent: The last time I stepped in a book store was to find a cover for my Kindle Fire

5. You believe that books are about

  • A. Art
  • B. Art and relationships
  • C. Product
  • D. Relationships and platform reach
  • E. Money

Did one letter dominate your answers?

Mostly A  answers:  Traditional Publishing or Indie  is for you

Mostly B  answers   Partnership or Boutique publishers is your best option

Mostly C  answers:  Fully Assisted, like She Writes

Mostly D  answers: DIY distributor – like  Authority Publishing

Mostly E  answers:  DIY Direct, Create Space, Lightening Source, KP Direct


I’m speaking at Tomes Books in Grass Valley, CA  January 22, 2015  3:30 PM.  Come to hear more about publishing!


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