Why I’m Not Paying Attention to You

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I am reviewing – again – my new novel, Future Girls  with an eye towards podcasting it.

Writers read their work out loud to audiences all the time.

Many writers have podcast their books as a way to build their audience and tribe.

One of the pieces of advice that I consistently ignore is: read your book out loud.

But unless I’m reading at a book launch, I cannot imagine any activity more boring that reading a manuscript out loud in my empty study; me and my words.  I know I’d rush though the reading to get it done so I could indulge in more scintillating activities like scrubbing the shower tile grout with a toothbrush or white washing the fence.

So when Damien, my fabulous podcast partner suggested we podcast the book, chapter by chapter, I jumped at the chance. This would give us material, it would promote the book before it’s published (which experts tell us is terribly important, as if we all know how to do such a  thing) and it will help me catch syntax, sentence structure and language. And it would be vastly more entertaining to do it with someone.

Reading a work out loud does help catch odd sentences, weird turns of phrases or awful repetitive words. That’s why reading a manuscript out loud is such a good idea.  That’s why waiting until the book is published before reading it out loud is such a bad idea.

Catharine Reading

Too Late

What this really means that I need to review the first few chapters of Future Girls so they are ready to be read.  What ended up happening is that I became obsessed with the book and have been working on it all week to the exclusion of every other activity. Again.

Novel Obsession is not good for business, not good for burgeoning social media, not good for relationships.  Just not good.  But that’s the way my creative mind (and there are many, many versions of the creative mind, your version may be more socially acceptable than mine) works.  I  remembered how to turn on the vacuum yesterday, pretty sure I covered most of the rooms.  That was about the extent of it.

That’s it. Newbie Writers will be  podcasting Future Girls in the near future thus inspiring me to not just work on the first chapter, but to again, work on the whole book – obsessively. I think I forget to feed the dog yesterday. That explains a lot.

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