Episode 100 – “The Centenary Of Newbies!”

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 Our 100th show!!

Where are they now? The guest segment:
From our first 10 Guests.

Episode 7 Lyle Perez from Rainstorm press
Lyle and his wife just gave birth to a son, so that’s been his focus this last month.

Rainstorm Press has been doing well these past 2 years as we got our legs onto the publishing waters. We have had our top sellers like Amber Hartman and Jane Isaac both of which have been interviewed by newbie writers. I’d like to think that the best seller tag was directed associated with being interviewed on Newbie Writers. We have also had our not so big seller titles, no names there, but we all try out best to do what we can. We are still moving strong and have a lot of big stuff coming in 2014.

Episode 4 Emma Exceptional Editing and Proofing.
Emma reports that she is still dealing with “the usual crap, LOL”. Emma is mother to four little children and is still editing.

Although I’ve working with some great newbie authors recently, unfortunately none have made the best-seller list so I haven’t become a rich gazillionaire yet LOL. I’m doing quite well for myself, but my dad continues to be unable to fathom how I could be making a good living by doing something that “spell-check does for free” LMAO. I don’t think he’ll ever get it 

I don’t know how long you wanted my story to be, but here’s a boring novel for ya! You may regret asking me LOL.

Episode 22 Beth Barany
Some recent awesome successes:
— Published my first romance, a novella called “Touchstone of Love” in GARGOYLE: THREE ENCHANTING ROMANCE NOVELLAS.
— Presented at the Women’s Fiction Festival in Matera, Italy twice (2012, 2011)
— Published the monthly, then quarterly, magazine, AUTHOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP MAGAZINE www.authorentrepreneurship.com

Episode 27 Ezra barany
Some of my successes:
— My first thriller, THE TORAH CODES, became a bestseller and has been on Amazon’s bestselling charts since December 2011 (Actually, there were about three hours when it dropped off the charts, then it returned),
— Published five ebooks under a pen name, all of them reached bestseller status at least once, and one of them continues to linger on the Bestselling Mystery Anthology category (and it’s not even a mystery nor an anthology),
— Three of my short stories under my pen name got accepted in anthologies. In two of those anthologies, there were over 100 submissions and mine was one of four submissions that got accepted,
— Published several articles in the magazine, AUTHOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP MAGAZINE www.authorentrepreneurship.com,
— In one month I finished the rough draft of FIGHTING WITH GOD, the sequel to THE TORAH CODES, and intend to release it before 2014.

Episode 12 Sharon Hamilton

Sharon Hamilton is doing really well.
Just wanted to announce my new release, SEAL Under Covers, Book 3 in the SEAL Brotherhood series, came out last week and has already garnered these top spots (see below). I’m hoping to break the 1000 mark today. If I can get to 200 in ranking, I can claim a NYT or USA ranking.

This book is not discounted, has never been offered for free, although there are some promotional things in the works.

I was also offered the coveted “PreOrder” button which is usually offered to published authors, and they are assisting me in the first audio version of Accidental SEAL.

I want to say that Amazon and KDP Direct has been a huge reason I have had the success I’ve had. Without them, I doubt I would have been able to compete with the “big houses” or other well-known authors. My books are linked to Suzanne Brockman, Marliss Melton, Liliana Hart and other military romance writers.

Just wanted you to know what is possible for any of us. Because if I can do it, so can you!

Episode 16 Anne Naylor

It is SO great to hear from you. 100 episodes – congratulations. I remember the first one.
I am great and the book is wonderful. The book launches were triumphs. I had 2 in Brisbane, one in Sydney and one in Canberra. I had a professor launch it in Sydney (in a pub with a blind singer and sign language interpreter and about 130 people) and the ACT Attorney General launch it in Canberra. I’ve have now had my fifteen minutes of fame and it was so much fun. I did fall into a hole afterwards, which I knew would happen given the build up and the level of excitement. Becoming a published author is such an interesting thing – kind of like becoming a parent. You think you know what it will be like, but when it happens, it blows your mind.

There is way too much to tell you – stories about book sales, not getting on the Richard Fidler show, interviews in the paper, feedback from readers, and how it feels for an ordinary person (well, a crazy person) to be a published author. I think you have to be a little crazy to be a writer. Being on the radio is fantastic. Just like being on your podcast, except in a posh room, with big headphones. ABC radio. How lucky was I?

What’s in the pipeline is marketing – I haven’t done a real lot. I really, really want to sell some books. I haven’t sold that many. It is much harder than I thought it would be, especially to get reviews and into the mainstream press. As for writing a new book – no way (she says now!). But I wouldn’t change a thing. You wait until it’s your turn.

It is really funny, that Newbie writers started just as I was getting going. It was a bit like growing up together. Your help with it was very much appreciated – especially when you read my ms and made some suggestions.

I put your name in big lights on the acknowledgements page – you’re immortalized in ‘Art From Adversity: A Life With Bipolar’. Did I send you a copy of the book? If not, give me your address and I will put one in the post.

If you want to check out just how far I have come since I emailed you saying ‘what’s a blog?’ and ‘how do you reduce photos?’ (remember that, ha, ha), I still have my blog at becauseofbipolar.com.au, but I also have a new website at www.atnaylor.com. If you look at it, I’d love your feedback – I know you’ll be honest. It’s another thing I did purely because of publishing a book. I’ve been on a steep learning curve.

Congratulations again on your 100th show – it’s a real achievement, and a tribute to you and Catharine. I am sure you’ve got lots and lots of listeners.

Episode 19 Stephanie Chandler

Congrats on your 100th episode! The biggest announcements come from my launch of the Nonfiction Authors Association, which happened in May: http://NonfictionAuthorsAssociation.com. We have a free membership level and a paid level ($19/month). All members have live access to two monthly teleseminars with industry experts and paid members get recordings. We also send out weekly marketing homework via email to paid members and they get discounts to special events (like the annual Nonfiction Writers Conference) and some other benefits.

This month we will also be announcing a Nonfiction Book Awards program, which will be a year-round opportunity for authors. You can preview details about that here: http://nonfictionauthorsassociation.com/nonfiction-book-awards/.

Finally, I just released my ninth book: The Nonfiction Book Marketing Plan. Details about that are here: http://nonfictionauthorsassociation.com/book-the-nonfiction-book-marketing-plan-online-and-offline-promotion-strategies-for-serious-authors/.

Jane Isaac:

Good to hear from you. I hope all is well with you and yours and that son isn’t being too cheeky!

100th episode? Wow! I remember when you first started out. My, you have come a long way. I’m truly delighted for you. It’s wonderful how you’ve worked so hard to keep Newbies at the center of the writing community.

All good here, thanks. It’s been a busy year with one thing and another. A few shorties in anthologies – in fact one coming out next month in Rainstorm Press’ Through the Eyes of a Storm. Book still seems to be doing well and I’ve been called along to talk at book clubs and the like which has been a new experience and great fun. Just started work with new publisher on second book which will be out on 1st April 2014; we have a blurb and hopefully will soon have cover art to share with everyone. Feels good to be navigating this road again.

Actually, was wondering about resurrecting my Diary of a Newbie Novelist blog on Newbies to share my latest experience of re-submitting for the second book, the trials and tribulations etc.  I know a lot of peeps self publish these days, but I think there are still some that hanker after a traditional publishing deal that might be interested. Let me know what you think?

Mush dash. Work beckons – damn the real world, lol. Best wishes to all. Look forward to listening to the 100th episode!

Jesse from Pubslush:

Pubslush as NYC’s Hottest Startup? It takes about 3 seconds but we are about 50 votes behind so every vote counts.

Tortured Sentence:

In the 15th- century mass media was completely about handwriting people would not see the same work style twice. In the 21 first century people are able to copies, print, and add color if needed. Today there are newspapers that do not have to be press by hand, television has more channels people can watch what every they feel in other words music has become the new reading book.

Old Books with Old Words – of –the-Week

My grandparents were cleaning out a spare room and passed on to me two books. One called The Casquet of Literature (Vol 6) printed in 1880. I wish to read from this on the show (as per requested by my mother). What is creepy about this is someone wrote on the inner leaf: “Happy birthday to my daughter on your 16th birthday, 8th of July 1880” Julian was born on the 8th of July. I doubt he could fathom other people having a birthday, let alone 150 yrs ago! The second book is a Prayer book/bible from….. 1790. It’s fascinating to think about this. Australia was founded in 1770. This book, printed in England only 20 years later, imagine where this book has been and what hands it has been in. It’s 230 years old. My grandparents said no-one wanted it and that were going to THROW THEM AWAY.


Here’s the bitch of it. So many authors cite hard work + luck as their ticket to success. Thanks a lot. But write a few paragraphs about how lucky you are. In what way are you lucky? What were your lucky breaks? I consider our connection and rapport on Newbies a bit of luck. What about you?

Second Prompt:

“Find the oldest book you have, or try to remember the oldest book you’ve come across. Now write a short piece about where this book has been, who used to own it? Someone famous? A relative? A pioneer? Get creative!”



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