What kind of publishing path will work best for you?

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In a previous blog,  I delivered the test to discover what kind of author you are, now here is my estimation of your type:

  • Mostly A  answers:  Traditional
  • Mostly B  answers:  Boutique publisher
  • Mostly C  answers:  Author Assist
  • Mostly D  answers: DIY with a distributor
  • Mostly E  answers:  E books

Traditional (Penguin)

  •  You have all the time in the world
  •   You have an agent
  •   You are more concerned with publishing than money
  •   You don’t want to fuss much with editing, book cover
  • You really want a hard cover book in a bookstore
  •   You don’t want to deal with distribution – ever

Partnership or Boutique publishers  (Rainstorm Press, Damnation Books)

  •   You are interested in a relationship with your publisher
  •   You are happy with a small organization
  •   You really want help with publishing
  •  You are working on gathering a tribe or fans for your book
  •  You have a non-fiction book
  •   You have more than one book in you
  •   You are great at taking suggestions and feedback

Author Assist (She Writes, Authority Publishing)

  • You don’t mind paying for your books to be published because you have more control
  • You need a full stop organization who will help you with all aspects of your book publishing process
  •   You want to make money on a book by book basis
  •   You are willing to do the foot work to put your books into book stores
  •   You are very savvy about marketing

DIY distributor (Create Space)

  •   You are very concerned about retrain your rights
  •    You have a strong social media back ground
  • You LIKE social media marking
  •   You want control of all aspects of your book
  •   You have great connections to get the cover/editing/book design work done
  •   You want another production company to take over your distribution
  •   You believe in just in time inventory
  •  You just need a few books  (Lulu.com works well for this)


  •   You want to make the most money you can on your books
  •  You have great production skills
  •   You have a killer social media
  •   You are writing more than one book a year
  •   You love the idea of e-books and don’t need to hold onto to a book to make it real

There are so many options available that an author can finally choose a process that works for him or her.  Just remember – the fun part is writing.  The annoying part is publishing.

If you need further help figuring this all out, listen to Newbie Writers Podcast, or contact Catharine –  bramkamp@yahoo.com – for a complimentary consultation to get you on the right track.

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