Thank you, no, thank YOU

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Polite Gophers

After you, no after you.

My client, Leslie McKelvey  just finished  a blog tour for her book  Accidental Affair 

I worked with her to create the book as well as get it to Black Velvet Seductions. And it took off!  I am so pleased for her and for all her efforts to make her dream of publishing happen!

She in turn has been wonderful about mentioning my help, as she did in a blog interview, The Bunny’s Review.

I bring all of this up because in the writing community, we really do help each other.  As her coach, I helped Leslie with encouragement, editing and hand holding, she had the talent,  made the effort and achieved the success.  Then she in turn thanked me.  Then I thanked her for thanking me, spreading the word about her book (she writes a great sex scene, a skill I envy).  We invited her to be a guest on Newbie Writers.  While I’m thanking her, I am keeping track of the book review blogs for either clients or for my next book.

This is the kind of social media that to me feels authentic and more social than creating clever tweets or simply flogging a book.

So if you can find someone to thank, if you can spread the word about another author or a friend or simply something clever, go for it.

And thank you.

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