Episode 104 – “Big Ego’s and Small Fonts”

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The Newbie Writers’ Podcast


 Very Special Guests: Charles McFall and R.Mordant Mahon from Success Freaks!

Helping Others Be Awesome!

Success Freaks has lived up to its own hype as the “#1 late-night comedic motivational show.”

A 2011 & 2012 Podcast Awards nominee, Success Freaks entertains & edifies with its charismatic co-hosts, captivating sense of humor and positive and thought-provoking content. With the show’s theme of “chasing & catching your dreams,” topics cover everything from social media in your life to dealing with death to surviving bullies and anti-gay sentiments.


(PSST – did you know  Mordant was adopted at birth?  He “re-met” his British birth mother of Irish decent in 2003 and when he asked her what she would have named him if she would have kept him, she said it would have been after her deceased brother “John Edward Antony Noel Mordant Mahon”.  She then asked him to do something with that name.  So he did, and that’s where the name R. Mordant Mahon comes from. )

Hey guys we just published our first Success Freaks book “Success Freaks Guide to Dream Hunting” and are very excited about it. Attached is your copy as a thank you for all of the support you have given us this year. Mordant and I still love the Newbie Writers Podcast and everything you have been doing. Thanks again for everything.

The obvious: Tell us about Dream Hunting. What kind of equipment does Dream Hunting need?


What kinds of dreams did you drag home yesterday?


What do people do to thwart their own dreams?


Talk to us about the Podcast Awards! Good luck and hope we are both nominated. 😉


Tortured Sentences


  1. There are three marking options available to you: Substantive and Unsubstantive. The icon will appear next to the student’s message.

A description of a restaurant translated through Google Translate. Delicious!


It Seems That You enter to work at Chartier as if you Intend to enter in religion.
This principle is tacitly admited only have four different owners Have Ruled the place icts since establishment in 1896. As well the crew “makes” the place, daily Honouring Their commitment Their dressed in traditional clothes room, the log (a black waistcoat with many pockets) and the long white apron.


Word Of The Week






noun: A bald-headed person.



Literally peeled garlic, from pill (to peel) + garlic. Earliest documented use: 1529.



“With his cherubic face, big blue eyes, pilgarlic pate, steel-rimmed glasses, and shuffling gait, Horace Greeley looked more like a character out of a Dickens novel than a presidential hopeful.”
Paul F. Boller Jr.; Presidential Campaigns; Oxford University Press; 2004.

From http://wordsmith.org



I took a great class on WordPress blogging. And learned a head exploding amount of information to the point my husband needed to deliver brandy and common sense to talk me off the cliff built of key words, SEO and optimization.

You are not a corporation, he explained.

Write about how you are a corporation, the CEO of your own life. Are you important? Do you need key words and tags for your web site? Do you have people?

Write about how big and important you really are.





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One comment
  • Ryan Biddulph
    Posted on October 19, 2013 at 2:26 pm

    Hi Damien,

    Learning about WordPress can be a humbling experience. I let my backoffice guy handle design/themes/plug ins, and simply pop in a few times daily to write my posts 😉

    Fun read!


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