Episode 105 – “The Clare Writers’ Festival”

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Special Guests: Nan Berrett and Nigelle-Ann Blaser


Clare Writers’ Festival is an opportunity for writers and readers to come together, learn, and celebrate their passion for the written word.

It’s not just about writing – we’ll give regional writers the chance to showcase and promote their work and facilitate forums for school children to interact with well-known authors and will gather book and writers’ group members together to share information.

The importance of a writers’ festival Writing is a solitary profession and writers’ festivals give the writers in our community, and further afield, the opportunity to come together for support, to share ideas and network. The encouragement they receive from each other is important and empowering. Writers’ workshops offer a creative forum for personal and professional growth and skill development, and are an essential part of the writers’ journey no matter the path they take.


Some Of The Authors That Will Be There:

Fiona McIntosh, Best Selling South Australian author – fantasy, crime, young adult, general fiction.

PD Martin, Crime Fiction, Victoria

Karli Lane, Australian Rural Romance, northern New South Wales

Trish Morey, Category Romance, South Australia.

Ali Cobby Eckermann, nunga-poet/writer, Koolunga, South

Sean Williams- Sci-fi and fantasy guru.


Tortured Sentences

On a daily basis they are seeing at least three thousand ads per day, whether it be through magazine ads, televisions shows, radio, billboards, and a huge one is over the internet. These advertisements are put together to sell the item, to persuade the consumer that they NEED this item and it works.



This is an old NaNo trick, if we can say that NaNo engenders “old”. Write about the novel you want to write about. Do you want to write about blue Goblins? Do you want to write about the California Gold Rush? Fantasy? Do you want to turn a genre on its head? What do you want to write about? Make a list. We’ll check back with you right before National Novel Writing Month!

Word of the Week






noun: A fat and slovenly person.


From Middle English fusty (smelly, moldy) + lug (to carry something heavy). Earliest documented use: 1607.


“‘Come on, you old fustilugs,’ he called, for she wheezed and blew and mounted with difficulty.”
Julian Rathbone; Joseph; Little Brown; 2001.


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