Episode 107 – “Celia And The Friendly Zombie With Erin R Britt!”

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Special Guest: Erin R Britt



As a stay at home mom, she gave up her job and her outside life to raise her boys and be a good wife. Her family became her only focus. When Brian tells her he wants to “spice up” their love life, she is hesitant but agrees to his “surprise.” He lights the candles, plays the music, but when she opens her eyes, will it be the boost Brian hoped for or will it be the first domino to fall?

Erin R Britt

I am a fiction and poetry writer from Indiana.  My first book, Celia, is now available through Rainstorm Press.  I am a full time graduate student at Indiana University South Bend in English Creative Writing and I received my BA in English-Creative Writing from there, as well.  Currently, I am the webmistress for the IU-South Bend Creative Writing Club that is working toward establishing a local writing community.  I collect dragons and am currently obsessed with Daleks and Grumpy Cat.

Word of the week






1. Aboriginal; indigenous.
2. Formed or originating in the place where found.



From Greek autochthon (of the land itself), from auto- (self) + chthon (earth, land). Ultimately from the Indo-European root dhghem- (earth), which also sprouted human, homicide, humble, homage, chamomile, exhume, inhumechthonicdisinter,chameleonic, and Persian zamindar (landholder). Earliest documented use: 1804. The opposite of this term isallochthonous.

From http://wordsmith.org


Tortured Sentence


A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift demonstrates his disturbing, ineffective ability to persuade me on his brilliant idea that poverty stricken parents should sell their children.




Have you been to a library recently? Travel to one, and sit at a table and write about what it feels like. Is it too quiet? Are you annoyed by a small sound, any sound? What was your childhood experience with libraries? Some say the library is a magical place, why is that?

Shout outs

To Lauren Taylor, fellow Adelaidian.




From Catharine:

To the founders to NaNo and to Andrew Hutchins who said on Monday – I hate November.


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