Episode 109 – “Hungry For Heron With Alethea”

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 Special Guest: Alethea Eason

My latest novel is the young-adult fantasy HERON’S PATH, the story of two sisters who live in the wilderness of an alternative Northern California at the turn of the 20th Century.  My website has both a summary of the book, reviews, and my bio: www.theheronspath.com.


Alethea Eason is a writer, teacher, and free-lance editor:http://theheronspath.com/

Heron’s Path is her second published novel.

Hungry is her humorous middle grade science fiction novel published by HarperCollins in 2007. Would you eat your best friend if your parents told you to? That’s Deborah’s dilemma. She’s the only 6th grade alien on Earth, disguised by a human overskin, and pulled between her loyalty to her friend Willy and her family and species. Alethea has finished Starved, a sequel to Hungry.

Alethea has published stories in several anthologies for children including A Glory of Unicorns, edited by Bruce Coville, Stories have also appeared in New Moon Magazine and Shoo-Fly Audio Magazine. She also writes for adults and her work has appeared in Sweet Fancy Moses, Radiance, and Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine, among others. She won the Eugene Ruggles Poetry Award, sponsored by The Dickens, published by Copperfiled Books of Sonoma and Napa Counties.

As a reading specialist, Alethea has taught grades kindergarten through eighth. She spent a year and a half at St. Margaret’s British School for Girls in Concon, Chile where she worked in literacy in the junior school and as an IB English teacher at the senior school. She now is the Reading Specialist/ESL teacher at Minnie Cannon Elementary School in Middletown, California.

Alethea lives in Cobb, California with her husband, Bill, and Jinxy, their tabby cat.

A new book ARCHETYPES ON THE TREE OF LIFE: THE TAROT AS PATHWORK, based on the  Qabala is coming out very soon, and may be out by the time of our interview. The author of most of the material is Madonna Compton but in this edition she asked me to write visualizations (meditations) for the 22 paths on the Tree of Life in which each of the major arcana of the Tarot symbolizes a path.  The tarot is not used for divination, but as a tool for meditating and ritual to help access creative energies and do the work of the soul.

This Qabala tradition is done through a Christian based lens but this is a very quiet part of the book and people of other faith traditions would, I believe, be comfortable with the information provided.


Tortured Sentences:

Courtesy of Charles McFall from Success Freaks Podcast: http://www.successfreaks.com/

“I would love to talk yo you about this. It is quite a sticky widget and I font nesessarrily have the answers, but I think brdin storming is a great tool. Let me know your availability for next week.”




I got nothing.

I have been frantically writing for NaNo and there are days when I got nothing. Write about what you do when you got nothing. Write for ten minutes about how miserable it is to be uninspired. Write about what you’d say if you had any skills at all.

Good luck finishing your novels next week!


Word of the week:


From Better than Great by Arthur Plotnik


Bonanza for the belly

Comfort food for the gods

Carousel of flavors

Brazenly flavored

Airy on the tongue


Fearfully tasty

Flavor surge



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