Stolen: Helpful Definitions for Modern Authors

By CBramkamp Newbie Guide Comments Off on Stolen: Helpful Definitions for Modern Authors

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In the middle of NaNoWriMo and asking my Beta Readers about the cover for Future Girls, I came across this marvelous article by Steve Macone.

The holidays are here, we get that.  If you have a project, this may be the time to finish it up as best you can and put it aside for the month of December.  This accomplishes two very important things:

It’s really good to put aside a project to cool off and return to it in January

At every holiday party you can say – I’m working on a new book.  This is gold, the more you discuss the book at this point, the more you may discover about it.  Describe the plot to family and friends. What are their reactions?  Do they hate it?  Love it?  Do they immediately relate to a key part of  the plot?  This is a great way to get feedback and stall off their own description of their recent gall bladder surgery.

This holiday, make it all about you!

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