Episode 112- “Pubslushing Through The Snow”

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Special Guest: Amanda Barbara




Pubslush is a global, crowdfunding and analytics platform only for books. Our platform allows authors to raise money and gauge the initial audience for new book ideas, and for readers to pledge their financial support to bring books to life. Our goal is to bridge the gap between authors, readers, and publishers. Pubslush is entirely about giving: giving an opportunity to authors, giving a voice to readers, and giving books to children without access to literature.

Amanda is the VP of Pubslush and we pick her brains about what it is like to travel to Frankfurt and attend the book fair there – in October. We talk about trends in the industry and what PubSlush is up to!

Total attendance for the 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair, including the public, came in at 275,342, marking a modest decline of about 2.2% off last year’s figures. But Frankfurt officials said they were pleased with the fair’s energy, and said that new formats and conferences, such as the tech-focused CONTEC, and the multi-media-themed StoryDrive were contributing to a “rapidly changing face of the Book Fair,” which is now attracting new groups of visitors.
Overall, the consensus was that the 2013 Frankfurt Book fair was a busy one. The volume of deals was heavy, and publishers and agents reported full schedules throughout the day’s three professional days. The expanded LitAg center had every table sold. And exhibitor numbers were basically flat over 2012. In addition, more than 9,000 journalists travelled to the Fair, with a 17% increase in the number of international media professionals than last year. “The relevance of the Fair as an international meeting place is growing,” said fair director Juergen Boos.
On the professional side, however, preliminary attendance figures showed another modest decline, with 142,921 professional visitors attending the 2013 fair, down from 148,548 professional visitors in 2012, a dip of about 3.8%. The 2013 figures have yet to be adjusted, however, so the decline will likely shrink when the final numbers come in.

Since 2009, when the effects of the global economic crisis were rippling out and the e-book market really began to boom, fair officials have succeeded in keeping professional attendance remarkably stable. Despite upheaval in both the industry and the global economy, the total number of professional visitors in 2012 was off 2009 levels by just 3,092, a negligible 2.6% decline. The 2009 fair drew 152,530 professional attendees.

Also tell us about Pubslush and what you guys are up to?

There is the Think digital academy, what is that about?


I’ve been working on Haiku again, but not keeping to the strict 7/5/7 requirements, just working with Kerouac’s idea of Pops, which is two lines setting up the poem with the third as a surprise. Try one:

Shouldn’t Socks too?

Mate for life?


Word of the Week:

From http://wordsmith.org



(verb: des-KANT, dis-, noun: DES-kant)


verb intr.: 1. To talk tediously. 2. To sing or play a descant.
noun: 1. A comment on a subject. 2. An ornamental melody sung or played above a basic melody.


From Latin discantus (refrain), from dis- (apart, away) + cantus (song), from canere (to sing). Ultimately from the Indo-European root kan- (sing), which also gave us hen, chant, accent, enchant, incentive, recant, cantor, and charm. Earliest documented use: 1380.


Tortured Sentences:

I was so excited about the idea, that I wanted to rush home a day early and try it myself, rather than plodding through the rest of the expo, although there was still plenty to see, and the expo was better than my wildest fantasies of far away open air markets, except that it was mostly in-doors.


Shout outs:

To Carly Findlay for hitting back at internet morons. Can find her site here: http://carlyfindlay.blogspot.com.au/



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