Episode 115 -CES update for Writers

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The Newbie Writers’ Podcast


Catharine’s in Las Vegas and so we talk about the cool things at CES

From CES

Capti From Eureka Park

Capti –  turns the written word into sound, so you can hear that latest article. 

Free down load.  Www.captivoice.com.

Listen to web pages, documents and ebooks.  No, you can’t share the sound works, so this won’t work as an ad-hoc audio book.  It’s user specific.  But how cool yes?


CES items

From Eureka Park


I so want this.


A smart iPad cover that you can write on paper with a pen on one side and the pad under the paper will transfer  your drawings to the iPad.  Way cool!



Mother, which is this soft plastic figure with a smiling face that reads and understands everything you do

CES at Eureka Park

Could be scary

in the house and apparently responds accordingly.  This could get creepy fast. Just calling it mommy does not mitigate the Hal problem.




simple but elegant at CES

simple but elegant

Megaphone mini by en&is  A portable ceramic passive amplifier for Iphone.

I loved the simplicity and elegance of this! No wires, nothing to break.  Just a cool odd art form in your house that amplifies your music.



Wireless charger – CNET beat me to this, but I love that you can drop your phone onto a charging pad

Recharge at Starbucks

Recharge at Starbucks

built into the table at Starbucks and recharge your phone even as you amp up yourself on coffee and sugar, it’s a win for everyone. It’s induction based, one of our staff commented that it will take a long time to charge – I didn’t try it out, so I can’t speak to that, but If I’m drinking a venti, that may be enough time.  



Helicopter camera

Take photos from above

The big thing?  The flying camera, which could be considered fabulous and creative or scary because it’s so easy to spy on the neighbors with a hovercraft and a  smart phone.






Word of the week:

This is from Arlene’s Miller’s  Weird and Wonderful Words Series found on her blog http://bigwords101.com/

bastinado (noun) – This is a type of torture by beating the soles of the feet (or sometimes the buttocks) with a stick. (Origin: 1570-1580 from the Spanish baston, meaning stick.)  which is how I felt after being lost in the CES central hall and walking the perimeter three times before finally getting out!

Tortured Sentences:

If I had to be honest, here’s how I’d answer the question for this essay; I would take an intellectual approach to the bias subject and try to make a biased person an unbiased person, that person being myself of course. I would separate myself from the subject (I would have to.) and try not to think of myself as the way I am. More along the lines of a stranger.


Ever traveled to Vegas?  What was it like?   I’ve been to Vegas with my parents and with my husband, so that middle ground, the wild, drunk all night revelry, was never in the cards for me.  What about you?


Shout outs:


Think Tank Photo for making it possible for me to be in Vegas in the first place.

Success Freaks for being so friendly and having me on their Vegas show

Danny Lanahan of Three Legged Thing

Brenda Nadel of Nadel Enterprises



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