Episode 116- “Fundraising With E-Books.”

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The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Special Guest: Lissa Provost


Fundraising by selling ebooks – a new approach

With our guest who wrote the book on fundraising with books – Lissa Provost

I’d love to talk about how I got started writing poetry and how I came to write “eBook Fundraising” through a SFWC connection.


It was published last August by BookBaby as a free guide on their website. You can link to it at http://www.bookbaby.com/free-publishing-guides. And I’m always prepared to recite poetry on the spot. 


I also blog “Crafting a Family” at www.themensamom.blogspot.com. That’s the best place to find/follow me.
I have a number of works in progress including a supernatural sci-fi series inspired by the Christian Mystics, a poetry chapbook, a poetry children’s book, an art book, and of course, my business plan.


Fundraising through ebooks

School program

Lissa wrote the book on the fundraising.

Tell us about your journey using ebooks for fundraising – what were the products? What was the process?

What inspired you to launch this process?

Have other organizations tried this process using your book?

What were their results?

What are the first steps to doing this kind of fundraising?

Pitfalls? Stories of disasters?



White noise. I love the sound of water – many do. Sitting by a pool in Vegas, the perpetual fountains masked the sound of the road just on the other side of a retaining wall. What is your favorite white noise? Is white noise good? Or can it distract from reality?


Word of the Week:

This is from Arlene’s Miller’s Weird and Wonderful Words Series found on her blog http://bigwords101.com/


bibcock (noun) – This is a faucet that has a downward-bent nozzle (origin 1790). Question: Don’t they all? Wouldn’t we get really wet otherwise?


Tortured Sentences:

Block that metaphor:

He also grabbed life by the horns, and squeezed every drop of fun out of it that he could.


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