The Tale of Sharon Hamilton, Romance Writer

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The Tale of Sharon Hamilton, Romance Writer.

I am so proud of Sharon Hamilton!  She and I met when she had just started writing Heavenly Lover.  We met multiple times while figuring out the plot, the characters and where the story would go.  She wasn’t sure if she was crazy to give up Real Estate for writing but since I had just done the very thing myself,  I encouraged her!

I had so much fun helping with Heavenly Lover that I knew coaching was exactly what I should do as my next career.

Sharon had so much fun writing her first romance that before Heavenly lover was even finished, she was working on the sequel. And as soon as she started up the sequel, she had launched her SEAL series.

She loves Romance because the girl always wins.

And if you love what you do,that is always a win.

Sharon Hamilton

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