11 Reasons to Date a Bookworm | BookBub

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11 Reasons to Date a Bookworm | BookBub.

I haven’t thought about the phrase “Bookworm” in a long time, so when I came across the term, I had to post it and of course, comment.  Oh, sorry, and also finish this book.

Think of readers as the perfect partners. We really don’t care if you’re late, we’re reading our book.  We don’t care if the cable is out, we have five books to read next to the bed.  We are perfectly happy at the ski lodge when there is no snow.

My mother sends me articles from the local paper, magazines, books, pieces of interest from twenty year old newsletters from obscure and forgotten benevolent societies.

My son gifts me with books that he thinks I should read.  My husband gifts me with books he knows I don’t already own.  Family members give me Amazon gift cards because they don’t know what else to do.

It’s all marvelous, and all rather pedestrian.  Most writers are book worms, or biblioholics. We do equate love with reading material. We do haunt used book stores.  We do venture into Powells armed with nothing more than a sandwich and a credit card.

So fall in love with us if you dare. Just know that the phrase you’ll hear far more often than “I have a headache” is  “Just a minute, I’m almost finished with this book.”

Love our books

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