Partnership Publishing Defined

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Partnership Publishing Defined: What Authors Need to Know – She Writes.

In her blog this week Brooke Warner commented on the difference between partnership publishing and pure self publishing, like the imprints under Author House.

Partnership publishing isn’t cheap, but the process is warmer and friendlier, the author is part of the team and the work is vetted.  In other words, you can’t get any book publishing through a partnership or author assist system. Your book not only needs to be good, it needs to fit with the publisher’s mission and style.

Author House will help any and all authors publish their books, and takes no responsibility for the quality of the work, which is true for the editing, book covers and look.  Author House is a great resource for those writers who have it all down; the editing, the book covers, the marketing,  and want to just get a few books onto their shelves.  But frankly, you’ll be better served through Create Space and Kindle KDP.  For a more satisfactory experience, partnership publishing is gaining ground as a strong voice and contender in the publishing world.

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