Episode 126 – “Ed Lazellari And The Lost Prince”

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 Special Guest: Ed Lazellari


From http://www.edwardlazellari.com

Edward Lazellari was born in New York City in 1965. The child of Italian and Albanian parents, he began writing in the early 1990s while employed as an artist at Marvel Comics. After years working as an illustrator, he returned to college to earn his BA in English literature from Rutgers University, with a concentration in creative writing.

Edward won Playboy magazine’s prestigious short fiction contest in 1999, and his story, “The Date” was published in the October issue. This was his first paycheck for prose and a big boost toward finishing his first novel, “Awakenings,” which he had begun before going back to school. He graduated with highest honors in 1999 and began working as an editor in New York City.

From early on, Edward had a talent for storytelling. He would often perform puppet shows for his younger sister, creating storylines for her menagerie of stuffed animals and making up voices as he preformed them. Soon he began drawing comic pages on construction paper featuring those characters and then transitioned to drawing superheroes by copying the artwork of Neal Adams, Jose Garcia Lopez, and Curt Swan. Although he focused on visual storytelling such as film and graphic novels in his youth, Ed discovered the written word through the novels of Stephen King. The first novel he purchased of his own volition (i.e. not assigned by school) was Salem’s Lot. This cascaded into a voracious torrent of King novels, including The Stand, The Talisman, The Shining, Night Shift, and others. Mr. King’s tome “On Writing” is one of his favorites on the craft.

Edward first graduated from the Joe Kubert School of Art in Dover, N.J., where he studied illustration, narrative art, and sequential storytelling. Although a story needed to be told differently depending on whether they were done for newsprint, television, or the silver screen, there were universal tenets to all good stories. His long daily commute to Marvel Comics from the northernmost end of the Bronx afforded Edward many hours of reading time, and he found himself pouring through almost fifty novels a year. After exhausting himself on sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, he decided, on a lark, to read Wuthering Heights, and a whole new world of classics opened up. Through Steinbeck, Fitzgerald, Shakespeare, Voltaire and many others, the author developed an appreciation for well-crafted prose and poetry. For Edward, the placement of words on a page has as much color and texture as any brushstroke made with pigment on canvas.

Dionne’s questions

His second book has come out. Ask him has anyone recognised him on the street and said “Hey I’ve read your book”

Ask him if Dionne Lister is one of his favourite fantasy authors!?

We ask him if he ever plans to write outside the fantasy genre.

What it’s like to work for Marvel Comics,

How did you come about entering a Playboy competition,

How do you go about writing?

What are you working on now?

Plus more!















Who is your favorite super hero? Why? Have you lost your ability to fly into the sky? And what would happen if you recaptured that wonder and certitude? What makes a hero? And can you retrieve those feelings and that passion again?


Tortured Sentences:


Being cautious of this type of awareness should be looked at cautiously. Most people like to use motivation to move forward and not having awareness to this type decision making can detour a person from making a rational decision.


Word of the week:


illutation – noun- Mud bath. I live in a volcanic area and I have never seen this word used to advertise the relaxing qualities of mud baths – ever.


Shout outs:


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