Why You Should Be Writing Down Your Goals

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Why You Should Be Writing Down Your Goals.

How do you create goals for writing: hijack other good ideas.

Here’s the writers version of What they Don’t Teach you in the Harvard Business School:

Create a vision. 

What we’re supposed to do is to create a big-assed vision for our future, where are we living? What do we look like?  How many spouses have we acquired?  That kind of idea. But for creatives that may be too much.  What does your book look like?  How do you feel when it’s finished and on Amazon?  What do you look like as a now published author?  Yeah, I looked thinner too.

Make it Measurable and Set Bench Marks.

Take a calendar and a pen and work backwards from an ideal finished date.  Give yourself gifts and kudos for each deadline, word count and draft finished.  If you need a cookie after every 5,000 words, then set that up.

Celebrate Your Success.

I think one of our challenges as author is that our final deadlines are anticlimactic.   We are exhausted or we just abandoned the book project and hopped a plane to Maui.  Build in a celebration.  Have a party, have a drink, have a friend over.  But acknowledged that deadline and acknowledge how much work it took to meet it.

Drink up, plan to eat more handfuls of Jelly Bellies, call a friend after each 1,000 word goal reached.  Because it’s up to you to celebrate, no one else will do it for you.


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