Episode 131 – “Diminutive Slang With Grammar Girl!”

By Damien Newbie Writers Podcast Comments Off on Episode 131 – “Diminutive Slang With Grammar Girl!”

The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Special Guest: Mignon Fogarty (Grammar Girl)



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 This week we discuss diminutives and Australian slang. Why it defines us and our native language. How can we apply this to writing a story and why we should avoid slang as the narrator, but embrace it as conversation between characters. Mignon, queen of affect versus effect, brings her experience, professionalism…. and a slang dictionary

What does slang do for us as a community or tribe?

For Mignon: When is slang appropriate and when is it not?

USA Vs Australian Smack down Round 2.

Grammar girl will deliver her slang and we will guess and Catharine will deliver her slang, and we will guess.

Damien will deliver his slang and we will guess

I don’t know if the winner should be the person with the most incomprehensible examples or the one with slang that is somewhat recognizable.

Some Australian slang terms courtesy of: All Down Under Website


aggro aggressive
arvo afternoon
Aussie Australia
barbie barbecue
bickie biscuit
blowie blowfly
Brissie Brisbane
budgie budgerigar
Bundy Bundaberg, QLD
cardie cardigan
chewie chewing gum
Chrissy Christmas
ciggie cigarette
cockie cockatoo
cockie cockroach
coldie cold beer
comfy comfortable
compo workers’ compensation
conchie conscientious objector
cossie swimming costume
cuppa cup of tea
deli delicatessen
dero derelict person, vagrant
footy football
garbo garbage collector
hollies holidays
hottie hot water bottle
journo journalism
kindy kindergarten
lippie lipstick
maggie magpie
mossie mosquito
mushie mushroom
on ya good on you
pokie poker machine
pollie politician
postie postman
preggers pregnant
pressie present
rego registration (of a vehicle)
rellie relative
sammie sandwich
sickie sick leave
sunnies sunglasses
swaggie swagman
Tassie Tasmania
umpie umpire
wellies wellington boots, gumboots

Australia unofficially wins that round…. because I type the show notes and that’s my story so I’m sticking with it…


Write instructions to a simple operation using the jargon or slang you routinely use in the course of your job. Now translate it into English. Different?

Word of the Week:

Amazing –

From Better than Great by Arthur Plotnik

Other words for Amazing:


Jaw- breakingly amazing

Hot sauce for the brain

Brains into putty astonishing




Shout Outs:

Apologies to all those for last week. Had a major mix up with timing and had to cancel the show! We’ll endeavour to book Mr Donaldson at some point. Fingers crossed!


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