Free Class May 19th

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In the Pleasanton/Concord area?

The Daily Creative – Workshop and book signing – (Free)

Catharine Bramkamp, author.Photo by Deanne FitzmauriceMay 19, 2014
4:30 to 6:30
JKF University – Pleasant Hill
4:30 PM

How to fit in your creative work into your regular day. I will show you how to  start  your new, more creative life tomorrow.

How to break through writers block quickly

You know this one, The Ten Minute Write (Natalie Goldberg), Morning Pages (Julia Cameron).  Write for ten minutes, first thing in the morning.

Write crap, write brilliantly, write about your frustrating day at work, it’s all good.  The idea started with the automatic writing craze in the mid-nineteenth century reemerging as a writing technique with  Gertrude Stein and popularized by Jack Kerouac On the Road). Write anything and everything down and know you are part of a long tradition of creating truly unintelligible first drafts.

Figure out what excites you about your project and focus on that.  It is said that the best approach to a good novel is to cut out all the boring parts.  It’s those boring parts that are dragging you and your book project down.  Cut them.  I know, they are brilliant and well constructed and you just finished spell checking.  Cut them anyway.

Write for ten minutes about what you really want to write about.  Now focus on that work and see what you create.

It takes less time to be creative than you think.

Let’s return to the ten minute write.  Ten minutes of rambling can be your entire oeuvre for the day or it can set you up for another ten minute of good writing.  If you stare at your computer for ten minutes, I say that counts as the effort.


5:30 PM
The Daily Creative – Fit your passion project into your daily schedule.

Many professionals long to publish a book based on their experience.

You may already have that book written, you just need to find it!

Where is it?  It’s in the power point slides, the reports, the white papers and in your blogs.  All you need to do is line them all up and see what emerges.

Look for the themes in your notes and in your presentations. Have you found a phrase that always bears repeating?  Do you have a consistent admonishment that you express?  That is quite possibly your theme, your thesis as well as the subtitle for your book project.

Manage you new book project with ease.

Scrivener is a great organization tool to manage a wealth of unrelated information.  You can create separate files for each topic, work on those files and organize them later.

You have the notes, randomly, in the scrivener program.  Every day open up one of those files and write down the story you usually use to illustrate the facts, graphs and stats.   What do you say when you show this slide, or summarize this report?  That’s what you write down.


Catharine Bramkamp is a Faculty member of JKF University and walks the talk. She is the author of 15 books, and will be signing copies of her Real Estate Diva Mystery Series:

  • Death Revokes the Offer
  • Time is of the Essence
  • In Good Faith
  • A 380 Degree View
  • Trash Out

As well as limited copies of her poetry collection, Ammonia Sunrise

and the Cheap Retreat Workbook.

Participants will receive a complimentary gift.

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