Cupcakes into Books

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CapadocciaIt’s the End of theYear.

Since educational institutions have become fraught with political correctness as well as peanut allergies,  what can you, as a concerned, writer and parent do to celebrate the fact you now need to pay for 9 hours of day care over the next three months?

Books and more books. There’s no better way to show caring for students than with a book for every child in the classroom. If you are a parent, the teacher will appreciate you for not sending more candy to share with the class(unless the children eat the candy right before they leave, in which case, tag, you’re it).  Where to get a bunch of books?  Used book stores of course – my personal favorite, but new books have so much more significance, a new book is a double gift  – the book and the idea that no one else has touched it!  So an outlet like can be a huge help. Wholesale sellers make buying multiple copies of a particular book title affordable. Titles include plenty of quality books, like Caldecott or Newbery award winners.

Another way a book gift can help in these waning days of school is to create an event.  Bring in the books yourself, ask kids to sign each other’s copies.  What a great memento for classmates and the year they spent together at that grade level. If you can create a tradition in each grade, think of what that will mean in years to come.  Another way to create interest is to ask children  to share with the rest of the class, why they chose a certain book (public speaking skills!  At only seven years old!).  Because the books we like reflect our personalities, he or she is also offering insight into their character. Sometimes, long after the book has been passed along or maybe misplaced, the story lives on in their memory.  And you will be known at the book parent, which is almost as prestigious as being a Newbie Writer.

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