What to Expect When Expecting a Book

By CBramkamp Newbie Guide Comments Off on What to Expect When Expecting a Book

Book stall, GermanyThanks to our recent Newbie Writers Podcast guest, Nina Amir – I have a couple ideas that will help you focus on your goals for your new book:

Who is the audience for this project?  Where are they, what are their needs and concerns?

What will this book do for you?  Increase your prestige?  Open the door to more speaking engagements? Add to your income?

Why  a book?  Will a web site or a white paper suffice?

When will you create time to write and edit the project?

How are we answering the needs of our audience?  Do they just need a book?  Do they want a blog?  Newsletter?  Do they want workshops or classes?  Do they need individual coaching based on the material in the book or is the book for those who can’t afford one on one appointments and help, but they do need the information and expertise you have to offer?

Nina pointed out that we need to do far more ground work analyzing our potential book buyers, analyzing the competition and figuring out where our book fits into the general market place.

Listen to the podcast, visit Nina’s Web site.  Figure out the end goal, it will help make beginning your project that much easier!

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