What About A Book?

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I just met with potential clients – talented, interesting, successful women who want to share what they’ve learned beyond their client base and Influence more people than they will ever meet.

They are smart and thoughtful,  and so are considering many aspects of writing a book that on the face of it, have nothing to do with writing:

  • How to  attract guests to the workshop based on the book
  • Who to hire to create the web site for the book
  • Who is the best person to manage SEO.
  • Graphic artist for the cover design
  • How long or short is the time line  to create the finished product
  • What key words will best describe the book
  • Marketing plan for promotion
  • Business plan for the book
  • Proposal plan for publication
  • Indie or legacy publisher?
  • What is the ROI?

Because they are business orientated, they jumped to the end – to the final outcomes and goals. They wanted to secure good answers to these questions before they wrote a word.

If these questions aren’t sufficiently answered, then it is quite fair  to question the whole premise of a  book.  Why do al that work if the return on investment is low, or non-existent?

The Creative in me answers the ROI question  with, because you never know.  It’s not a measurable outcome, it’s not even a very good answer.

But it is often the Creative’s answer.

Writers don’t know if their book will hit a nerve.  If their words will be exactly what a reader needs at exactly that moment of reading.


Photo by Kurt Rogers

And often enough to be true, the business book you write  will elevate  your career to another direction: deeper, better, and difficult to measure.We write a book to take a walk on the wild side of our own mind.  Sometimes that is enough.  Sometimes that is the whole point. And sometimes thousands of readers take that walk with us.

So do ask hard questions. Do it anyway.


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