Episode 146 – “Writing For Love With Melissa Smith Baker”

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The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Special Guest: Melissa Smith Baker, MA

Relationship Educator and Author


Melissa and Catharine met through our speaker’s Bureau and she has written Save your Relationship from Yourself.

You blog and offer classes and produce a newsletter. Tell us about your journey in creating your book.

What are the most common questions you get asked?

Tell us about your favorite relationship myth.

How did your business grow? What was the thought behind the book, web site and classes?

How are the classes at the SMI coming along? How did you get that partnership?

Word of the week:

From Arlene Miller and author of the new The Best Grammar Workbook Ever

This is from Arlene’s Miller’s Weird and Wonderful Words Series found on her blog http://bigwords101.com/

keister – noun – A burglar’s took kit…

1 informal a person’s buttocks.

2 dated a suitcase, bag, or box for carrying possessions or merchandise.

ORIGIN late 19th cent. (in the sense ‘suitcase, bag’): of unknown origin.

Tortured Sentences:

Brought to you by 629 Publications: http://www.six2ninepublications.com

So the illogic here would be the choice of a topic that is not likely to impact many (if any) in the class, and also failing to show the nexus of how you personally are impacted by drone strikes in far away Yemen.


What is the difference between writing or describing a scene and simply taking a photo? We look through a lens of a camera and we filter the world through the lens of our own experiences and history. Is there a difference?

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