Episode 147 – “Social Media For Noobs”

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The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Guest: Thubten Comerford


Twitter expert.

We’ve talked with Frances Caballo, twitter expert and author. I just connected with Thubten Comerford (through Twitter, aren’t you proud?) And he runs a company devoted to Twitter and maximizing their client’s platform.

So I wanted to get information the Newbie Writer can start using right away to build you platform and create fans even before the book is published.



We create social experiences that create engagement with your brand and converts customers. Developing social media profiles thoughtful content strategy and actively engaging current and potential customers. Developing Brand Personalities, Online Content, Social Media Strategic Marketing, custom online communities, targeted follower growth, Data-mining, paid advertising platforms Find Out More…

WePost Media uses a highly intuitive method to build a Twitter following that is precisely targeted to your product. It is with this proprietary blend of software and specialized knowledge that WePost Media builds a thriving presence on Twitter, and a following that responds to what you offer.

Inbox Management

One way that we ensure your following on Twitter is filled with essential prospective customers is by zeroing out the noise. Just like any other online social network community, Twitter has its share of spam accounts. We have the tools to muzzle the noise that spam creates. By intercepting spam messages in the Direct Message box, We allow you to interact only with the real and valuable messages from your community.

Community Engagement

Engaging with your new audience members creates community, and the proper maintenance of that community requires consistent engagement. We ensure that @ replies and Direct Messages are responded to promptly. If the answer could be found on an FAQ, then we’ll reply on your behalf. If the answer requires specific product knowledge, or is addressed to a specific individual, we’ll forward it to you so that you can engage your community directly.

Community Communication

The key to follower retention is through consistent and relevant updates. These updates keep your customers engaged with posts that pertain directly to your business. Our content creatives develop updates that are targeted directly at your followers, which converts them from a following to an active fanbase. This conversion can then be utilized to generate sales.


Frohsinnsfaschismus – The god-awful mediocrity of organized Fun.

Cheerfulness- Fascism

What organized fun have you suffered through this summer? Write about organized fun. Write about disorganized fun.

Tortured Sentences:

In this article Stephen she discounts Professor Broca’s findings, because his best findings came from the findings from an autopsy that was performed.

Damien’s email:

Do You POOP?

Please excuse the somewhat personal nature of this email,
but the information we are about to share below is extremely important for
both you and your digestive health. You may not think that you’ re constipated,
but in reality, it is VERY likely that you ARE.

Word of the week:

boondoggle (noun) – This word refers to unnecessary  activity or wasteful expenditure. It is an Americanism apparently coined around 1930 by R. H. Link, an American scoutmaster, referring to simple tasks the scouts were taught.

Shout Outs:

PG and nominating me for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Stay tuned for that!

Frances Caballo, author of Avoid Social Media Time Suck, for putting me on the right track with Twitter!

Listener question: Courtney Killian:

Okay, well recently I put up my poem on goodreads. Someone a few years younger than me said that there was too much repetition in it, and I should just take it out. The repetition reinforces the meaning of the poem. So, my question is, is it okay to feel just a little ticked when someone younger tries to give criticism to me when they don’t seem to get the meaning? Has anyone else ever felt this way?

Quote of the Week:



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