More Editorial Notes You can Use Now

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You’ve heard authors say phrases like – editorial hell, working through the edits, I’m arguing with my editor.  My editor knows nothing.  Don’t talk to me, I’m working on the edits for my book.

So have I.

So when the edits for Future Girls (Eternal Press) were finally, finally, finally returned, I figured I would spend at least two or three weeks in editorial hell with the manuscript.

But I didn’t.

And I credit sending the manuscript out to Beta Readers before submitting it to the publisher.  Listening to the suggestions made by the Beta Readers made a tremendous difference in the editorial process.

But nothing is ever perfect.

Future GirlsAccording to the editor, or in this case, the style guide she employs “No beginning sentences with “And,” “Or,” or “But” I’ve gone through and removed as many as possible. It takes time and you will have to look at the sentence to see if it needs further modification to make sense. I did leave a few but unfortunately my hands are tied in this matter.”

I start sentences with “And” all the time. And I because I start sentences with “and” I don’t mark down students who do it as well, imagine my surprise.

“Em dashes. Our formatting program recognizes a double dash as an em-dash with no space before or after. Also, no spaces before or after an ellipsis.”

Mark Twain suggested that every time you use “very” in a sentence, just change it to “damn” and the editor will subsequently remove all the damns and your sentences will be in good shape.

I feel that way about “and”.  But it looked weird.

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