Bad Art

By CBramkamp Newbie Guide Comments Off on Bad Art

I spend  Sunflowers, Van Gogh a lot of time in museums. And if you follow my husband on Facebook you know that he, in turn, spent quality time  outside the museums taking and posting photos of fountains.  It’s his new travel meme.  He got a lot of likes.

I love art and I love how good art symbolizes one thing that often means another.  Good art is  revolutionary, accidentally, like the Impressionists, or intentionally like Mao’s wife demanding that ballet be more “revolutionary” which resulted in truly unwatchable performances. 

Good art is  subversive and “bad”.  And often we don’t initially respond well to the avant guard. Sometimes it takes us, as the audience, a few years to appreciate the art.  The standard example is that no one really collected or appreciated Van Gogh’s work (except his brother Theo) until a few years after his death.  Now the Van Gogh museum and gallery in Amsterdam is packed.  And I was one of those fans. 

Been there, bought another artist biography (900 pages, Andrew was really happy to see THAT). 

The artist’s job is to keep us on our toes, to get there first, or to simply carry the torch of self expression until it’s safe to come out and really dance.

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