What if the Future Sucks?

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What if the future sucks?

Future Girls

2145 – All work and world negotiations take place in virtual reality, call the Realty Cloud – run and organized by men. Charity Northquest knows that her future is set – marriage at 18, babies and the same struggle over dwindling resources that her mother faces daily.

But there is another way. And Charity accidentally becomes one of the girls the women of the Time Cult send back in time. Charity has only 100 hours in the past to make the right change that will create a better future. Or she will stay in the past forever?

The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do.

–B. F. Skinner

Insights from the author:

So much of what we can change and so much of time and history hinges on the unexpected. The more I study history and biography the more I realize that much of human history turns on a casual comment, drowning in a river because the armor is too heavy, bad decisions during the treaty of Versailles because of the flu. The sheer confluence of history is of course overwhelming, and I didn’t try to tackle the whole of history nor try to cover the whole of the future. This is Charity’s journey, and the focus of Future Girls is just that, her journey.

And I wanted an unexpected heroine. One that didn’t want the adventure, but yet, wanted some kind of adventure. But adventure, the experiences we discuss and talk about, is often born of discomfort and hardship, and again, that’s what I wanted to show.


Future Girls

December 1st, Eternal Press.  Read Chapter one now.

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