Future Girls and YA art.

By CBramkamp Newbie Guide Comments Off on Future Girls and YA art.

If you are in Santa Barbara this winter  (and there are few better places to winter)  Check out a new art exhibit:

kimberly-binns-9The exhibit is the art of the Teen Paranormal world, a different way to view what YA readers are thinking and doing.

I am happy to place Future Girls in the YA  category although the book is not overly romantic nor do I think it’s paranormal in any way.  Still,  YA readers chew up the fantastic and the speculative, I did.  The concept of other worlds and other times make complete sense to a younger reader.  I remember thinking  WOW, what an idea, rather than thinking  “there is no way that time machine could work.”

When did we lose our sense of wonder?  Does reading YA books bring us back to a time when we believed anything is possible and life could lead to amazing possibilities and adventures?

I think we do.


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