Episode 159 – “It’s A Booktastik Good Time!”

By Damien Newbie Writers Podcast Comments Off on Episode 159 – “It’s A Booktastik Good Time!”

The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Special guest: Dionne Lister

January 23 2015


Booktastik provides innovative solutions to connecting books with readers. Advertise your ebook deal, new release, promotion, giveaway or competition with Booktastik and reach new readers and fans.

What you get

When you promote your book with Booktastik, it reaches our 300-500 daily website visitors, and the book will be emailed in a one-off email to our subscribers (numbers available on the pricing and sales estimate page and growing daily). We also share your book to our Facebook page (7500+likes), Twitter, Pinterest and Google plus.

How it works

Booktastik offers a comprehensive service for publishers and authors looking to reach new readers and fans. Our categories include limited-time ebook deals, new releases, promotions, giveaways and competitions.

  • We send our subscribers  daily emails in their chosen genres for ebooks that are on sale, and new releases.

  • We send our subscribers daily emails listing competitions and giveaways.

  • Our Facebook features include your book post being advertised to the fans who have liked our page and Facebook users who are readers in your genre but have not liked our page.

  • All emailed promotions are also featured on our website. This can help increase sales of titles or generate buzz for an author around a new release, giveaway or competition.

  • Our editors create advertising copy from your blurb to ensure we present readers with a short, attention-grabbing hook. When you advertise with us, you agree to accept any changes we may make to your advertising copy.


We also talk about fake reviews!



Word of the Week:


with Anu Garg



noun: Gentleness; meekness.


From Latin mansuescere (to make tame: to accustom to handling), from manus (hand) + suescere (to become accustomed). Ultimately from the Indo-European root man- (hand), which is also the source of manual, manage, maintain, manicure, maneuver, manufacture, manuscript, command, manqueamanuensislegerdemain, andmortmain. Earliest documented use: 1390.


Recall the most famous art work or book you can recall – write about why you remember it, and what you think of it now.

Tortured Sentences:

7. [From Newsday]

The plot is less than the sum of its parts. It concerns an unconventional family — a free-spirited mother and her three young-adult children — that visits an English seaside resort. There they meet a young dentist, who falls in love with the older daughter, his grumpy landlord, the mother’s nervous solicitor, the friendly waiter, and a stuffy barrister.


Shout outs

For everyone in Nevada City/Grass Valley who supported me at my reading yesterday – thank you!

It was great!

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