Being the Child also alters Your View on These Things

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What if the future sucks?Technology certainly informs the plot and situations in Future Girls. In the next few blogs I linked quotes about technology to scenes in the books. Obviously, if you like what you read, you can purchase the download or book on Amazon

“I’m sorry, it’s true. Having children really changes your view on these things. We’re born, we live for a brief instant, and we die. It’s been happening for a long time. Technology is not changing it much – if at all.”

–Steve Jobs


Charity glanced at the hanging sheets, no longer the original white. Just this morning she had helped her mother wrestled those sheets out of the big tub, the fire burning underneath.

Charity was used to such odd behavior from her mother. Instead of sitting down to eat, she automatically arched over the hot flames and helped her mother pull the wet fabric to the wringer.

“They are out of material for fabric.” Her mother said quietly. “I told you it’s good to know how to wash. Your sister,” she left the rest unsaid and continued to wrestle with the old wringer.

“She was supposed to return today.” Charity announced. Three days was the maximum time any girl spent away from her family or, later, husband. But Charity had never heard of a Wife leaving her house or family – ever.

“Mirabella?” Her mother jerked the wet fabric from the rollers and gave the fabric a mighty twist putting her shoulders into the effort. “I know, she was.” Her mother held Charity’s gaze for a second before twisting the sheet with more force than Charity ever saw. Water, precious water, streamed from the fabric. Finally mother stopped and her shoulders sagged.

“She is gone honey.” Her mother’s faded blue eyes watered. “I’m afraid she died in yesterday’s train wreak.”

Charity’s whole body turned cold. Her first friend in school; her first pal, her only pal, gone?

“Ray is devastated of course.” Her mother concentrated on the laundry and did not meet her oldest daughter’s eyes again. “Of course. He’ll find someone else. He needs a wife to go into the Government Guards. All Guards have a wives.” And all those men, those at the executive level who worked in the Reality Cloud required a wife to keep the family fed, organized and together. If a man wanted to work, or participate in any of the Realty Cloud, he needed to marry, put his wife into a nice house and make sure she was blessed with children.

Charity’s grip on the her end of the sheet loosened. Warm water dripped on her bare feet. They never wore shoes in the house, an old tradition. There used to be so much toxic material outside that the women finally stopped everyone from tracking it into the house by creating the rule – no shoes inside. Now it was a law.

“He asked for you.” Mother said finally.

Future Girls – Catharine Bramkamp

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