If the future sucks for girls, it sucks for everyone.

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Sci Fi is importantIn Future Girls, the boys have already been sucked into the Reality Cloud. They spend hours, days and weeks cocooned inside the Internet which has grown like Moore’s Law into an all encompassing second life. Men work exclusively within the Reality Cloud playing in virtual reality programs that are so real they don’t care much about the outside world, where the women are charged with making due.   Since the women are the ones bearing the brunt of the dwindling resources, they are the ones determined to find a way to change things.

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.

–Albert Einstein

“But why you? Why Jacob, you already have everything.” She took in the room, his beautiful clothes, his home. “You run the world, you are the government and the temple, you are the Cloud. Why would any man want to change this?”

He smiled, one of cynicism. “It’s not just women. Villagers are repressed, fallen government members are locked out of every system connected to the Cloud, even though the contract was that everyone would stay connected through the Cloud. Education is a joke, for you – testing, for the boys, video technique and battle skills. And many are now being terminated, as if letting the truth out is more dangerous than fallout. Frankly, if the world is not good for women, it isn’t very good for any of us.”

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