Episode 166 – Killing Me Softly With Nathan Weaver.

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Interview with Nathan Weaver

Five dollar murder!

Damien signed up to be laid out. He is victim #5. You can review the previous entries here. The body count is rising and there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight. Which is OK with me, I’m fine with selling out, if it means the death of a few people.

You can learn more about the gig and sign up yourself at this link.

Dionne Lister cohosted this week and we tried our hand at a radio melodrama. It was a lot of fun! Below is the excerpt we read out.

“He knocked on the door.

It opened and a small, wrinkly woman was standing there. “What do you want? Do you know how late it is?”

“Sorry to bother you ma’am,” he said politely.

“Miss. T’aint been married for years,” she said, “Don’t assume because I’m old, I’m a ma’am.”

“Yes, my apologies, miss,” he said, “I’m Officer Sands, and we’ve had a murder take place out here on the street where you live. I wonder if you might have heard or noticed anything unusual tonight?”

“No more unusual than normal,” she said.

“How do you mean?” He asked.

“My son, Damien, thinks he’s an artist.” She explained and pulled a cigar out of her bathrobe, which opened up and revealed her skimpy negligee that was scarcely clinging onto her old body. He cringed, and she continued, “He likes making his stories.”

“Sure,” Sands said, “But anything out of the ordinary?”

“No sir,” she said, taking a big puff of the cigar. “T’aint noticed nuttin’ all night.”

“Thank you,” he said, “May I speak with your son briefly? How old is he?”

She looked him up and down, and raised an eyebrow in interest. Sands cringed again. “Sure, officer, come on in.”

She let him inside the little, yellow house with the green shutters. He looked around and it was an utter mess. Stacks of magazines, newspapers, and boxes were all over the place. Columns and columns of magazines and papers, differing in size. You had to follow certain paths to get around. Atop one small column of magazines was a bowl of cat food. He didn’t notice any cats. But it smelled like something rotten. She took him down a path into the living room. There was one spot left open on the couch, between two columns of National Geographic magazines. He recalled a time he and his friends thumbed through them looking for the native breasts of Africa.

“Sit here,” she said and pushed him into the open spot on the couch. The magazines almost fell on him, and he propped them back up. “Let me go get Damien. You just sit there.”

She wobbled out of the room, and he noticed for the first time that one leg was longer than the other. It had to be a dream, he was sure of it. He looked around the room, taking in the chaos of things. She had a book shelf stocked with a collection of lava lamps. They were all plugged into a series of power cables, which were plugged into one outlet. A fire waiting to happen. They were all turned on, and creating a strange and colorful effect in the room. He looked around some more, and saw a series of old lanterns on the dining table behind another couch across from him. That couch had two spots, sunken in, which he assumed meant that one was used more than his couch. The lanterns on the table were of various age and sizes.

“DAMIEN!” He heard the old lady yelling down the hall. He heard a door open, and more yelling, but it was less distinct. He couldn’t hear if Damien responded or not, but eventually he heard the door close again. He then heard the heavy footfalls of someone much taller than the little lady who had answered the door coming closer.”

Nathan’s Bio from Google+

Allow me to Introduce Myself

I’m Nathan Weaver, I’ve been writing for a ridiculously long time, and I’m just starting to get pretty good at the nonsense. I will be posting short stories and novellas here for your reading pleasure. I will also keep you updated in general, and about books in the pipeline. And please leave me comments to let me know how I’m doing.

I also co-own an independent production company, Onyx Dragon Productions.  We’ve done sketch TV stuff, short films, event videos, wedding videos, commercials, online videos, and we’re in post-production on our first full-length movie, The Chalice.  Come Circle us here.
And I write lyrics, and occasionally use my pipes, for Blue Solace.  We make primarily bluesy, folksy music.


Word of the Week:


with Anu Garg

A couple of weeks ago vowels had solos and this week it’s time for the chorus. Each word featured this week has all five vowels. And if you like, you can even append the suffix -ly to these words to make them have the sometime-vowel Y as well.

Not only that, we avow that each word this week will have all five vowels appearing once, and only once, and in order. Hope they wow you.





adjective: Self-restraining, especially in eating or drinking.


From Latin abstinere (to hold back), from ab- (away) + tenere (to hold). Ultimately from the Indo-European root ten- (to stretch), which also gave us tense, tenet, tendon, tent, tenor, tender, pretend, extend, tenure, tetanus, hypotenuse, pertinaciousdetentecountenancedistendextenuate, and tenable. Earliest documented use: 1839.


Imagine murder. What kind of character murders? Why? Write for ten minutes thinking about and getting into the mind of a crazed lunatic. Or maybe the murder isn’t crazy at all?

Tortured Sentences:

71. [Flyer for a topic in the Lunch and Learn series at Auburn University, Alabama]

“Disciplining Children: Concrete Helps”

Shout outs:

Big thanks to Dionne Lister for cohosting today. Booktastik Website

Pitch your book to agents and editors at Pitch O Rama, March 28, in San Francisco

Pitch-O-Rama 2015


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