Episode 167 – “Pushups, Peeps And Poetry!”

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The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Guest author: Vicki Hudson


We interviewed Vicki Hudson author of No Red Pen, Writers, Writing groups and Critique



Here is the short version of Vicki’s advice for Newbie Writers looking to join a critique group or start their own:

  • Have a group with a code and established guide lines on submissions and critiques
  • Make sure there is a mix of genres being reviewed
  • Make sure the group is an attitude fit
  • Make sure the work load is manageable
  • Make sure the meeting time is manageable

More about Vicki:

Wanting always to become a writer and told “write what you know” she has worked in culinary, security, health, sales, educational, and other fields of endeavor while developing her craft. In 2012, she retired after 33 years combined active and reserve duty in the United States Army where she was a Military Police, Civil Affairs, and Information Operations professional. Her service included five years enlisted and over 28 years  as a commissioned officer.  Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Hudson’s service included five recalls to active duty that included three combat theater tours of duty. She commanded two companies (Military Intelligence & Civil Affairs) and three battalions (Military Police & Information Operations) during her career.

She earned a Master of Fine Arts from Saint Mary’s College of California in creative writing/nonfiction. In 2007, she was a Fellow at the inaugural Lambda Literary Emerging Writers Retreat. She has studied with the former North Carolina Poet Laureate  Joseph Bathanti, former Los Angeles Poet Laureate Eloise Klein Healy, and Poet Camille T. Dungy.

Vicki’s Projects:

Each year, Vicki sponsors the Victoria A. Hudson Emerging Writer Prize, which awards a registration scholarship to the San Francisco Writers Conference held in February. For information about the Emerging Writer Prize which opens each September 1st, please look here. To support the ongoing provision of the Prize, please visit the contribution page here.

Most months on this site, Vicki hosts an author, emerging writer or publishing professional for the interview series Three by Five.

She blogs about home, parenting, urban farming, food, and more at Home and Hearth. Vicki curates the virtual newspapers,Literary Dispatch, published daily with a round-up from literary magazines and other literary minded via Twitter and Vicki Hudson – Inditer, a round-up of Vicki’s tweets and retweets all in one place. Follow her life and literary musings on Twitter @vickigeist or publication news @vicki_hudson.

From Vicki’s web site

Everyone has a story. No one else can tell your story. The process of creating, refining and ultimately releasing it into the wild that is publication in the world needs to be a respectful one. No Red Pen – Writers, Writing Groups & Critique is not an overview of writing groups – it is a manifesto for a different paradigm for workshop and critique.

No Red Pen – Writers, Writing Groups & Critique is intended for those writers looking for information on what to consider when forming or joining a writers’ group and for writers seeking tools for critiquing work in progress. This is not a how-to book for writers’ groups. There is no discussion of specific craft techniques. There are other books in the market that discuss finer points of writers group administration and many that deal with craft. This book is intended to help the reader make informed choices in the marketplace of writing group workshops and provide useful skills for critique consumers. The act of entrusting one’s written work and exposing that product of imagination, heart, and soul to the criticism of others is a risky and brave action by the writer and a privilege for the reader. No Red Pen – Writers, Writing Groups & Critique provides a toolbox for conducting a writers’ workshop and recommendations for critique that fundamentally respects the writer and the work.


Remember that admonishment, Write What You Know? Spend a few minutes writing down what you know. Everything about what you know from flower names to degrees earned. Out of what you know can you create a blog, a poem, a book? Shake it up!

Word of the Week:

From Arlene Miller – our guest in March 2014

And author of the new The Best Grammar Workbook Ever

This is from Arlene’s Miller’s Weird and Wonderful Words Series found on her blog http://bigwords101.com/

Eructation – Belching; or, the discharge of a volcano!

Tortured Sentences:

The decision-making process must support and contradict the potential final decision by challenging each of the opposing sides. He/she will do so by looking for information that confirms or disconfirms their own beliefs –these should be solemnly facts.

Shout Outs:

I’m just happy the editing for Future Gold is almost over, I feel I have a left brain hangover – too much reasonable discussion, not enough wild creativity!

Vicki recommended the poetry collection Paradise Drive




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