Episode 168 – “Married with Luggage”

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The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Special guest: Betsy Talbot

Betsy and Warren Talbot not only travel together, they work together and managed to stay together at the end of the work day.

We asked how this is possible.

Betsy gave us a couple ideas:

  • Stay curious
  • Play to your individual strengths
  • Love food and wine (shared passions)


The two host a podcast, write books and travel the world.

Betsy is now transitioning from non-fiction to fiction.

“I’ve published 4 nonfiction books in the past, and this year I’m branching into my first romance series geared toward women over 40. It’s been a learning curve! But I’m making it happen!”

About the book and the podcast:

Betsy and Warren Talbot have been living, working and traveling the world together full-time since 2010. What they’ve learned about love and partnership in dangerous, hilarious, and exotic situations around the globe will make you look at your own relationship in a totally new light.

If you like actionable advice on making love better from two fun and engaging people, plus expert interviews from around the world, make every Wednesday a standing date with Married with Luggage.

If you enjoyed Eat, Pray, Love, then you’ll love this memoir of a couple who moved cross-country to fix their broken relationship…and then liked it so much they just kept on going. In 2010, at the age 40, they sold their house, quit their jobs, and bought one-way tickets to Ecuador, and they’ve been traveling the world on their own Amazing Race ever since.

Equal parts travel memoir and love story, find out how a political coup in South America, icy storms off the coast of Antarctica, and herding goats in the Gobi Desert (among other things) have changed this quirky and curious couple forever.

Married with Luggage is for people who enjoy adventurous travel stories, those who want an inside peek at how unconventional people live, and anyone who enjoys a good old-fashioned love story.


Married with Luggage – the book.


Married With Luggage Podcast and website

Other books: Dream Save Do – An Action Plan for Dreamers

Word of the Week:






1. Sluggish.
2. Gloomy.
3. Cold.


From Latin Saturninus (of Saturn). From the ancient belief in astrology that those born under the planet Saturn’s supposed influence had its characteristics. Since Saturn was the farthest known planet at the time, it was believed to be the slowest and coldest. The planet received its name after the Roman god of agriculture. Earliest documented use: 1433.


“This saturnine assessment of the world’s economic predicament has been whispered about in worried tones for months now in the world of high finance.”
Felix Martin; Real Money; New Statesman (London, UK); Oct 17, 2014.



It’s National Poetry Month! If you were to celebrate by writing a poem, what would the poem be about?


Tortured Sentences:

So I purchase stuff from ebay… more than I should.


I received this email from someone I purchased from today and its brilliant!

All Dear Customer,

If you are satisfied, please ignore this message. Bother you,

thank you .We wish you happy forever.

(Answer the question time :1-2 working days)

Dear Customer,

In order to improve our service, we will give you additional

compensation Refund(AUD 6-11, Or, more) to your PAYPAL. (You do not need

to send the product back),if you are not satisfied with our products and

services after the delivery due to various factors. or ,we will make

best to meet your requirements if you have any better suggestion or


Your satisfaction is our best happiness.

We sincerely hope you do not give us Neutral Feedback or Negative


And give us (5 stars) detailed-seller ratings. Thank you.

(Or, do not give us any detailed-seller ratings and Feedback)

We wish you a lifetime of happiness.

If you are satisfied, please ignore this message. Bother you, thank
you. We wish you happy forever.


Shout outs:

To Eternal Press who hired award winning Dawne Dominique to create the cover for Future Gold – it rocks, thank you Dawne!





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