Episode 169 – “Let’s All Go To France!”

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 The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Special Guest: Beth Barany

Frenchest thing I could find on Google

This week we have Beth Barany on to talk about her writers retreat… in FRANCE! The talk quickly divulged into talk of chocolate so no complaints here!

How to set one up, what to do once you are there.


What we have in store for you

Four Half-Day Workshops, all the curriculum included
— Plenty of writing time
— Guided Trips to the City of Lights
— Fun & Time for Creative Writing
— Work on Your Novel
— Be True to Yourself, Your Process and Be in the World!

Workshop: Module 1 on Preparing Your Novel: Story Premise & Synopsis
Lunch at local restaurant three-course meal, including coffee or tea and water. Guide meets group at lunch and provides a Q&A session while group eats and recommends sights and activities for group.
– Remainder of the rest of the day on own. You get your own 
Paris Metro Pass (5-Day, Zone 1-3). Beth has suggestions of her favorite cafes and walks.

$3,523 plus airfare

Word of the week:





verb tr.: To remove parts considered objectionable.


From Latin expurgare (to purge), from ex- (out) + purgare (to cleanse). Earliest documented use: 1621.

Tortured Sentence:

Tortured sentence
 Submitted by Courtney Killian


What’s the worst that can happen? If you write a sentence, what is the worst that can happen? If you finish a novel, what is the worst that can happen? If you publish the novel, what is the worst that can happen?

Write up your gloomy predictions.


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